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a/n: i'm sorry, i shouldn't be doing this, writing a completely new story when i have two aching to be finished, but i'm just gonna put this out there, lol. it's very short, but i hope you like it. :)

dedicated to What_is_you because I've noticed that she comments abundantly on every single one of my stories and it freaking tickles me pink she is a blessing that is all goodbye

p r e v i e w :

"It's funny," I said, an amused smirk curling at the corners of my mouth. "It's funny how your head's so big despite there being nothing inside of it."

"Hey, you know what my name is backwards?" Theo's voice came out muffled, but there was no mistaking his furious tone.

I crossed my arms and leant against the back gate. "Idiot?" I guessed.

"No, it's fuck you," he spat.

I tutted. "I wouldn't be rude if I were you. You're the one who's stuck in a fence."

Yes, dear readers. The majestic Theodore Badem, the beautiful American-Maldivian boy with a bad attitude, was stuck in the school's exit fence, of which he had been trying to escape through.

I giggled into my palm. He looked so stupid with half of his bum sticking out and his legs crouched awkwardly.

"You know what, Zunaira? Just fuck off."

But how could I just leave, when this was the perfect opportunity to mock him? 

The answer was, I couldn't.

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