Chapter 16

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~Ed's Best Friend~

Chapter 16

Rose’s POV

“We’re going to miss you so much!" Ed pushes me in his arms. "Even Stuart... I think” he laughs.

They are dropping me off at the house the 5 Seconds Of Summer boys are staying, after that I’ll be going home.

After more than a month I’m going home.

“I’m going to miss you too, even Stuart!” I laugh.

“Well.. well… you guys make me feel like I’m a grumpy old lad.” Stuart says a little annoyed.

“But you are a grumpy old lad!” Adam laughs.

We laugh and I open the door of the ‘Weird shaped orange’.

“Bye Bob.” I wave at  Bob who’s sitting behind the steel.

“Bye Rose” He smiles sadly. “It was a honour to drive you around!”

“Thanks… I guess!” I laugh.

I walk outside into the pouring rain, quickly covering my head with one of my bags.

“We should have a drink sometime.” Adam says.

“Definitely!” I smile walking towards the front door of the house.

I wave one last time at the lads before the door closes and the bus drives away.

I ring the bell, tapping nervously on the ground with my feet.

The door slams open revealing a grinning Ashton. “ROSEEEEEEE” he jumps in my arms.

“ASHHHHHHHH” I laugh. “I missed you pretty boy.”


Ashton picks me up lying my body on his shoulders.

“No! Ashton put me down!”

“No!” He slaps my bum.

“ASHTON IRWIN PUT ME DOWN!” I scream in his ear.

He flinches, but doesn’t put me down.

“Ashton I’m being serious! Put. Me. Down.”

“No!” He slams a door open.

I look up and see a boy with weird coloured hair standing in the middle of the room.

Wait… Michael?

“MIKEY” I scream slapping Ashton. “Put me down I want to give Michael a hug.”

“No!” He answers stubbornly.

“Ash, put her down. I missed her too you know!” Michael smiles.

“Alright!” Ashton obeys.

He puts me down and I run towards Michael, jumping in his arms.

“ROSEEEE! I missed you… It’s been like 2 years at least.”

“Yeah, I know! But what the hell happened to your hair?" I laugh.

"I dyed it! Duuh!"

"Yeah I can see that weirdo!

“What’s all this screaming?” A dark haired boy walks in, his eyes widen when he sees me. “ROSEEE”

“CALUUMMMM” I run towards him, tackling him in a hug.

“Hi babe! Missed you!”

"Missed you too!" I chuckle at him calling me 'babe', he has been doing that from the moment  I first met him. 

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