Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


 I had just been talking to Adam about the interviews, when I heard sobs. And that's when I discovered that I was outside Cloves room.

I get cold inside. I have never heard or seen her cry before.

I knock on the door.

"Yes?" I heard Cloves messy voice.

"Clove it's me?" I reply. "Can I come in?"

"I guess so".

I open the door.

My heart breaks at the sight of her. Swollen and red eyes, slightly messy hair and despairing facial expression.

"Clove", I whisper and go towards her. I sit down beside her on the bed. "What happened?"

"I think I destroyed everything", answers Clove. "Why would I faint? Why? Now it's clear to everyone that I'm the world's biggest wimp".

"No not at all", I say. "You're not a wimp".

When I think about it, it feels weird to defend Clove ... against herself. She can't begin to get low self-esteem now, not now when we're going to the arena tomorrow.

"Yeah I a..." she starts, but I interrupts her.

"But hey you, I've actually just been talking to Adam", I say. "But you don't want to know what he said, I guess".

"Yeah I do", she says fast and hits me on my arm.

"He said that they all loved you", I say. "Nobody believes that you fainted, you was only gone for about a minute, everyone thinks that you did that just so you wouldn't have to answer, and avoid to hanging me out".


"Yes, so stop blame yourself and blame me insted, it was me who screwed up", I say smiling.

"Well, why did you do that then? You didn't have to you know".

"Yes I did, you fell off the chair and didn't move, I couldn't just sit down and be still", I say. "I was really worried, so I just followed my instincts, to protect you".

Clove sighs and sits down with her back against my side and leaning into my arms and then leans her head against my chest. I put my arms around her. I don't want to let go of her. I let the heat from my body sweep over her and cradling her lightly. I kiss her on the forehead and she curls up and falls asleep.

After about ten minutes, I decide to put her in bed.

I put my arm under her legs and carries her up and put her in bed.

I stroke her hair and down her cheek. Than she takes my hand and puts her cheek on top of it.

First I think that she has woken up, but then I notice that she is actually still asleep.

But now I'm stuck, she holds my hand so hard that I can't draw it to me without waking her. So I decide to stay.

I sit on the floor below he, and leaning my head next to hers on her pillow. I will do everything I can to protect Clove.

And tomorrow it begins, our life's bigges adventure. I sigh and fall asleep.

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