Deadly Affairs- Chapter 10

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“Make time Fuentes, you’re staying.”  He said. The last page came out and I grabbed up the journals and copies then turned around. Once I got to the door he put his hand up trying to stop me. I dropped everything and grabbed him by his shirt, pushed him against the wall, you could hear his back hit the wall with a loud thud.

“Listen when I said I didn’t have time for this I meant it, that was the nicest I could say it. You are my boss from 8am to 4pm after that I could give two shits less what you need or want. I said I had things to do so I’m going to do them.  If you try and fire me then I have no reason not to kick your ass and best believe I will so you may want to think about that before you try to be a smartass.” I seethed. I let go of his shirt then bent down to pick up the papers and journals when I looked back up at him he was in shock, a little scared, his legs were shaking a little. I didn’t say anything else to him I got up and left heading back to Kellin’s so I could put these journals back.

                Arriving back at Kellin’s none of the lights were on so I felt a little relieved that he wasn’t home. Quickly picking the lock I hurried back into the Kellin’s office putting the journals back in the box then going back around the house double checking that I didn’t leave anything out of place. Walking down the stairs, getting ready to leave, I was glad I found what I needed.

“Vic?” Kellin looked at me confused. I froze for a split second.

“Hey, I was just looking for you.” I said.

“How’d you get in?” He asked still looking confused.

“The door was unlocked so I came in thinking you were here but you weren’t so I was about to call you.”

“The door was unlocked?” he looked even more confused.

“Yeah, you need to be careful someone might try to rob you if you keep leaving your door unlocked.” I chuckled; he started to look like he believed me.

“What are you doing here?”  He asked walking towards the kitchen.

“I came to see you. I haven’t seen you in a couple days, I miss hanging out with you.” I followed behind.

“Well I invited you over, you kept turning me down.” I sensed a little attitude in his tone. He walked over to the refrigerator so I walked up behind him and placed little pecks on his neck while I slid my hand up his shirt, rubbing up and down his chest. He let out a little moan a soon as my hands started to travel south groping another area.  “What’s in your hand?” he asked. They were the copies of his journals.

“I told you I missed you so I just decided to bring my work over here.”

“I can help you with it.” He offered. I pressed my body against his as he leaned back on the counter.

“How about we have sex instead?” I said seductively. I did want to have sex with Kellin, I wasn’t just doing it because I knew that if I didn’t take his mind off me being in his house claiming that he left the door unlock and that I brought work over with me he would be asking a lot more questions and wanting to help me. I wanted to wait a little longer before I had sex with for critical reasons because I had to do something first but I couldn’t risk getting caught.

After I suggested that he immediately smashed his lips against mine. I guess he wasn’t even going to give me a chance to change my mind. After putting the papers on the counter, I lifted him up and he wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck.  I stumbled backwards heading for the stairs hit everything in sight causing us to laugh into the kiss but Kellin made sure he never removed his lips from mine if anything he would deepen the kiss slipping his tongue in my mouth. Trying to walk up the steps was definitely harder than I imagined. I ended up tripping causing us to fall but Kellin wouldn’t let go of me he just kept kissing me now trailing to my neck and collar bone at the same time trying to pull my shirt up. I helped him take my shirt off, tossing it behind me then he pulled me back to him biting my bottom lip before I picked him back up continuing to head upstairs.

                Opening the door I threw Kellin on the bed. He started to unbutton his shirt but I was being a little impatient so I ended up ripping it open, buttons popping off.  Climbing on top of him I began kissing his neck leaving love bites all over his neck traveling down his body nipping him lightly. I unbuttoned my pants kicking them off. Kellin started to take off his pants but I stopped him.

“Don’t move.” I said taking his hands and moving them above his head. I yanked his pants along with his boxers off the rest of the way.  I slowly started to stroke him, leaning down kissing him. He moved his hands down my sides pushing my boxers down then grabbing ahold of me. I pushed his hand away. I lined myself up and without any notice I pressed completely into him causing him to squirm a little and groan.  I pulled completely then slammed back into him causing him to groan again. I moved slowly in and out, putting my hands on his hips, pressing down.  My hair in my face, I began moving faster and faster, thrusting into him repeatedly not letting up. He began to try and push my hips back but I just moved his hand and held it to the bed that way he couldn’t move it and continued at the same pace.

“Slow down.” He whimpered, biting his bottom lip. I smirked and completely stopped then started moving extremely slow. “Not that slow. Faster” he whined. I rammed into him as soon as he said that. He threw his head back and moaned. As I got closer to coming, I put my hand next to Kellin’s face with my hair now in his face. Using my other hand I began stoking Kellin, rubbing the tip, and then switching the pace from really fast to slow causing him to arch his back. I quickened my strokes inside him as I felt my body get this sudden warm feeling.  I clenched the pillow as I came. I then smiled as I saw Kellin’s face as he came right after. I fell on the bed next to him and he began running his finger up and down my chest then he came closer and laid on my chest, slowly falling asleep and his breaths became lighter and wider apart.


                2 am and I haven’t slept yet. I wanted to make sure Kellin was in a deep enough sleep. Once I felt comfortable enough that he was I slowly moved from under him then went downstairs quietly grabbing the papers I sat on the counter. I went back upstairs and put them in my pants pocket then crawled back in bed with Kellin wrapping my hands around his waist.

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