Deadly Affairs- Chapter 10

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                I’ve been avoiding Kellin for the past couple days, making up excuses of why I couldn’t hang out with him or come over.  It was just too awkward for me because I wanted to ask him what was wrong with him but then he would know I was going through his stuff. Today he texted me telling me he was going down to the bar and that I could join if I wanted to.  I didn’t reply because I didn’t know if I was going yet I might if I have enough time. Tonight when he goes to the bar I’ll just sneak into his house and look around to see if I can find something. I know it sounds bad but it’s much better than just asking him what’s wrong. That way if it’s nothing serious we can go back to normal and he won’t be mad that I looked through his stuff.  Plus I couldn’t help it when I want to know something It’ll drive me insane until I figure it out, it’s a part of my killing/hunting instinct. I get to be stealth like again, breaking into his house, roaming around, finding things out about him that he doesn’t want me to know. Right now he’s not Kellin to me he’s just a target; not a target that I’m planning on killing but a target I just want to learn more about. He’s more interesting than I thought.

                Once the clock hit 10pm I decided to leave out and go pass Kellin’s house to see if he left out yet. Walking across the street from his house I saw no lights on so I slowly walked over there and went to the back side of his house then picked the lock to the backdoor. The door creaked as I opened it and it was pitch black.  I slid my hand up and down the wall feeling for the switch. The lights flicked on and it looked exactly how it did when I was over here earlier this week; he really does keep a clean house. I walked upstairs and went straight to his room looking in the closets, under the bed, in dresser drawers, behind the TV, anywhere I could think of but I couldn’t find anything. No documents, no books, no notes, nothing. Maybe he kept a clean house so he could keep track of all the stuff he’s hiding.  I went downstairs and checked the living room and dining, still nothing came up. Just as I was about to give up I saw a door that I hadn’t noticed the last time I was here down a dark hallway. I went towards the room and opened it, then turned on the light. It was his little home office. A smirk slowly appeared on my face because this is the exact place you would keep documents and other things, something has to be in here. I opened the file cabinet skimming through the files but it was just work stuff. I went to closet and it was a couple boxes in the corner. I pulled them out and there were journals in them. When I skimmed through them I realized they were his diaries. I looked at the time and it was getting pretty late, I knew I wasn’t going to have enough time to read them.  So I grabbed about 5 or 6 then put everything back in its place and left.

                I didn’t know how often Kellin looked at those journals or wrote in them but I didn’t want to take any chances. I quickly went to my job and showed the security guard my ID so he would let me in. I walked to the copying room and began copying the pages in the journals.  I tapped my foot becoming impatient as the seconds ticked by; these things really need to copy faster.

“Vic.” I heard my boss’ voice behind me.

“Yeah.” I looked at him quickly then turned back around, focusing on making copies. He was standing at the doorway.

“Glad that you’re here, you can stay and help me.”

“No, I have things to do.” I said pressing buttons on the copier trying to make it go faster.

“Too bad.” He said stepping into the room.

“I don’t have time for this.” I chuckled. I was getting more impatient because Kellin could already be home and noticing the journals were gone and I just don’t have time to be dealing with my boss’ dumb antics. I wanted to walk over there and bash his face in because he was disrupting my process and quite frankly just annoying in general but instead I chuckled so I wouldn’t flip out on him.

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