Chapter 20

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Chapter 20


I open my eyes.

I was trying to focus. It had become black before my eyes, but now I can see. But now that I can see, I see two faces above me. And then finally i managed to focus my eyes. But I wish I could faint again. It's Esmeralda ... And Cato. Cato.

Oh no, now the whole world will know. What on earth was he thinking?

I sit up.

"I feel good", I say and try to disengage myself from their hands when I stand up. "Seriously, I'm fine".

They release me.

Right then I hear the signal, that says that my time is up. I run to my chair, leaving Cato self at the front with Esmeralda.

Both sit down. Now Esmeralda understood how things were, why I insisted on not having a boyfriend.

"Well Cato", she says. "How long has this been going on then?"

"Dose it really matter anyway?" Cato snaps, but somehow he manages to still sound nice. How dose he do it?

"Maybe not", Esmeralda laughs. "Did your mentors now about this?"

"Yep", Cato replied. "But they have let ourselves take care of everything, and I don't feel like everyone need to know about our private lives, it's after all not what the Games is all about, is it? Or am I wrong?"

"Not at all", Esmeralda replies. "So then your counting on winning?"

"Well everyone dose", Cato says. "But it seems just a little more important for me if I want to have a future with Clove".

I start to feel dizzy again. Future. With me. Is he serious? Of all the girls in District 2, he wants a future with me?

And I thought that I couldn't be happier. Oh Cato. Oh Cato.

The program continues with the other contestants and all the time I sit and stare out at the audience. I had made a big fool of myself. Now I've ruined everything I tried to build up about that I'm dangerous.

Now it's over. I've ruined everything. I hope that all the people think I just tricked them, when I fainted, to protect Cato from being embarrass.

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