You frustrate me!(A Sasuke Uchiha love story.) Chapter 4

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   The next morning I was drenched in sweat. The nightmares were horrible. The only thing I heard was HIS voice. "Where's the brat un?" It played in my mind thousands of times. Who was this guy?  What did he want with me?  As I pondered these questions, my door was opened.

  Kakashi walked in my door nervously. "It's time for our mission. Hokage said you did not have to go if you didn't feel up to it."  I looked at him as I said,"If I'm going to get over this, I need to get on with my life. I'll be down shortly."   He nodded as he closed the door. I looked down at my hands, feeling the tears threatening to spill.  No.  I was stronger than this.  It wouldn't be easy, but I can get over this. 

   I grabbed my ninja clothes and walked into the small shower.  The water ran down my face and mixed with the small tears that accidentally fell.  I washed up and stepped out of the shower. I dried and pulled my clothes on.  I put my weapons on and walked downstairs. Kakashi had a small breakfast laying out on the table.

   It was silent as I sat down, and we both ate.  We both finished and walked to the Hokage's office.  He gave us our mission and we were off.  After a couple of small boring missions Naruto demanded that we get something higher.

  I giggled as the Hokage started explaining how things work to Naruto.  Finally the Hokage just let us go on a C-rank mission.  The guy that came in looked old.  He smelled disgusting. 

   " What the? A bunch of snot-nosed kids? And you the little idiotic one with the stupid look on your face. Do you really expect me to believe your a ninja?"  Naruto starts laughing as he says,"Who's the little ninja with the idiotic look on his face?"  We all step in a line and he soon realizes it's him.

   Naruto starts running at him but Kakashi holds him back. "Let me go! I'll demolish him!"   "You can't demolish the client."  As the old guy started explaining who he was I tuned him out.  He annoyed me. That's when the Hokage turned to me.  "Ryoko I don't want you going on this mission." I looked at him shocked, as did my teammates.  "That's absurd! Why can't I go?"  I was beginning to lose my temper. I didn't need to be treated like a child. I lost my mother. I don't want the pity they were offering.

   "If your team would kindly step out, I will explain it to you."  As soon as he said that everyone was ushered out the door. I looked at him, waiting.  "Ryoko I want you to stay here because we know the people who killed your mother. They're looking for you for a reason I don't know.  I can't risk your safety. If I let you go on this mission I am pretty sure they will strike.  You are to stay here and train with other teams. It will be good for you. You can learn from Gai, Kurenai, and Asuma while Kakashi is away. I think they may be able to unlock your hidden abilities."  As he finished my anger demolished. I knew he was right.  It did make sense.  Besides I would be getting twice the training they would right?  I nodded to the Hokage and bowed.

   As I walked out my team was waiting for me. I smiled at them. "Be safe."  They looked at Kakashi, confusion written on the faces. I nodded at Kakashi and was off.  As I walked to Kakashi's house some weird guy in a green suit tried to kick me. I fell back and glared. I got up and stoof firmly in my stance. "Who the heck are you?" He smiled as he stuck his thumb out.  "I'm Might Gai! I will teach you in Taijutsu."  I looked at him as if he was crazy. Maybe he was. I nodded as he began walking towards a training area. 

  It's official, this guy is creepy.

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