Two-Bit Matthews

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"Come on Vanessa, it's time to go!" You grabbed your four-year-old daughter's hand. She whined and complained about wanting to watch more Mickey Mouse. "We'll do this again, okay? Mommy has to go to work soon."

"Look! Look! He has a shirt with Mickey on it!" Vanessa dragged you towards the other side of the Nightly Double. You sighed and kept up with your child.

"Okay, you saw his shirt. Now let's---" you scanned the man. It was your ex-boyfriend, Two-Bit Matthews.

"Hey," he waved awkwardly as Vanessa poked around his stomach, examining his shirt.

"Hi," you breathed out. Memories flooded into your mind.

"It wasn't my fault okay! She came up to me!" Two-Bit tore at his hair.

You erupted with more tears,"You weren't even drunk! You have no excuse! And to think that I'm carrying your child." You gasped, realizing you admitted the news.

"W-what?" Two-Bit walked closer to you, trying to rest his hands on the side of your arms.

You backed away from him,"We're done. Don't ever try to make contact with me."

"Y/N, wait!" Two-Bit cried helplessly as you stormed out the house. He didn't even bother to follow you.

"Mommy, are you okay?" Vanessa clutched your hand with her small fingers.

You didn't realize you have been crying,"Yeah... I'm fine, sweetheart."

"Could I?" Two-Bit gestured to your daughter.

You hesitated, but nodded. He kneeled down, so he could become Vanessa's height.

"Does she know?" Two-Bit looked up at you. You shook your head. He nodded,"Did you like the movie?"

Vanessa nodded excitedly,"It was my favorite!"

Two-Bit lightly chuckled,"Mine too. Hey, wanna go to the Dingo and get something to eat?"

"Please!" Vanessa pouted.

You sighed and nodded reluctantly,"Only this once."

Vanessa squealed and held onto your arm. You walked side by side with Two-Bit, while leading your daughter.

"Don't think that I forgive you," you mumbled.

Two-Bit sighed,"I know. I just want to get to know her."

"She believes her father died in a war, Two-Bit. She believes that her father left as a hero. Not a cheating scum," you frowned and realized what a bad idea this was. "Sorry, Vanessa. We have to go."

"Awh," Vanessa sighed and waved to Two-Bit.

"Maybe another time?" Two-Bit asked hopefully.

"Goodbye, Two-Bit." You pursed your lips and walked away.


part two maybe ((:

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