Chapter 1 - Memories of the Past

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Third P.O.V

It was a warm summer afternoon. School had just finished for the day and all the little kids were scampering home, well, most of them were. A little blonde boy was still at school, watching all the kids leave with their parents by their sides.

"Mummy, what's for dinner tonight?"

He heard one girl ask her mother.

"Dad, can you play video games with me later?"

He heard a boy ask his father.

The little boy sat underneath a big oak tree and watched all the kids leave school, the boy did this regularly. He would watch all the kids leave school, then he would go wherever he pleased until it started getting late.

The boy didn't have any parents to scold him or boss him around, his parents died when he was only a mere baby. He was told that his mother and father had died in a car crash. He was in the accident too, but he somehow survived. Guess it was just pure luck. So the boy has lived with his uncle ever since, unfortunately his uncle died two years ago from a fatal disease. So the boy lived by himself in his uncle's apartment, with no one to care for him.

The boy, who is now 8 years old, was the only one on school grounds. He stood up and exited through the main gate, heading for the near by park. He always went here before heading home, it was the only place he remembered being with his parents. The memory is vague and parts are missing but it's there. All he could remember was a swing set, a clear blue sky and two smiling faces.

As he pasted the park, he swear he saw a boy sitting on one of the swings. The boy had dark black hair—with a tint of blue—which was spiked up at the back, his bangs framed his narrow face, his skin was fair and his eyes were midnight black. The blonde boy had seen this kid at school before, he was very popular with the girls and he was top of the class for everything too.

Why was he sitting here by himself? The blonde boy thought to himself, "should I approach him? Or just leave him alone?" The boy went with the first option, maybe this was his chance to actually make a friend.

The blonde boy went up to the other boy, who looked up at him with narrowed eyes.

"Do you need something?"

The raven haired boy asked, not seeming very interested at all.

"Umm... I was just wondering... Why are you sitting here by yourself?"

He asked the other boy, feeling kinda anxious. He has never actually had any friends, let alone have a conversation with someone. The raven haired boy just sniggered and looked up at the blonde boy.

"What's it to you? Am I not allowed to sit here by myself?"

He asked sarcastically. The blonde boy started getting irritated, a tint of pink flushed across his cheeks.

"No, you are. I was just asking cuz I've seen you at school and your normally surrounded by girls, so I didn't expect you to be sitting here alone."

The boy sighed and stood up off the swing, looking directly into the blonde haired boy's eyes. They were a crystal blue, just like the sky.

"Just cuz I'm surrounded by people doesn't make them my friends. I don't make friends with ignorant people like them."

The pale boy said, huffing with annoyance. The blonde boy looked surprised, his eyes wide.

"Oh ok, so none of them are your friend?"

He asked, the other boy nodded.

"Oh wow, well I don't have any friends either..."

The blonde boy trailed off, looking down at the ground. The raven haired boy just stared at him. He thought to himself, "why is this blonde kid talking to me? I don't normally talk to people this willingly, so why now? Maybe it's because... It's the look in his eyes... They show loneliness and isolation." The raven haired boy shoved him playfully.

"Well, today's your lucky day then. You willing to be my friend?"

He asked. The blonde haired boy seemed to glow, his face was bright and his eyes glistened.

"Yes! That would be great! Umm.... I mean, sure."

He could tell the blonde boy was overexcited, which surprisingly made him smile.

"I'm Sasuke Uchiha."

The boy held his hand out.

"Oh I'm Naruto Uzumaki!"

He took his hand, beaming a bright smile

This was the day two young boys would change each other's lives, for the better...

Oh god I love these two! I know it's kinda short but I'll make the chapters longer Dw. Hopefully this is a good first chapter and that you enjoyed it.

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