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Introducing Me

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In my other Vampire Diaries fanfic Don't go changing i told people that i had written another TVD fanfic before it and that i was thinking about posting it...

well some of you wanted to read it so here it is...

comments on it would be much appreciated as it was the first story i wrote, but i have gone back and improved it so tat i could publish it here 

i will upload it twice a week like my other vampire diaries fanfic, but instead this one will be fridays and tuesdays to spread it out a little... but consider this one a little bonus as an introduction to this story

and with that, i will let you read the first chapter of my new Damon Salvatore love story

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“Damon” I screamed jumping out of my bed and pinning him to the nearest wall by his throat.

Right, I think I should explain things from the beginning. My name is Morticia Lilith Rosa Emma Luna Violet Lucia Bloodrayne and I was turned when I was nineteen, yes I am a vampire. I have waist long bright red hair (it’s natural) and piercing green eyes. I am short and thin, and no I am not a bunny muncher like Stefan, but I do not kill humans either like Damon although I have my occasional slip ups leading to near death experiences for the human I was feeding on. I was born November 14th 1921, and died November 14th 1940 at Coventry, arguably one of the worst nights of the Blitz. Well that is the basics and now I think I should explain how I know the notorious Salvatore brothers. Stefan was doing his usual fitting in routine while Damon was doing his obnoxious ‘eternity of hell’ routine when I met them, September 4th 1939 a matter of days into the second greatest battle of world history.


“Mother, I am signing up” my older brother Jonathon told our mother.

“you are twenty three years old, you are not joining up” my mother shouted at him.

“Francesca, if the boy wants to fight for his country we should encourage him” our father looked over his morning paper and met my hysterical gaze.

“you want our boy to fight for his country, do you not remember the great war, we both lost our fathers” she shouted, dropping and smashing the plate she had been washing up.

“yes and I lost my younger brother, I do remember” my father looked back down and I got up and hugged him.

“John honey can you walk Morticia to school please” our mother broke her death stare to my father and smiled at me.

“mother, I am sure I can walk myself, I am seventeen” I moaned as I got up.

“yes but we are living in dangerous times princess, just let your brother walk you” my father smiled at me and I nodded.

“see you after school” I waved at them both and grabbed my school bag.

“you don’t have to walk me you know, just stay out for twenty minutes” I muttered to John as he kicked a stone into the road.

“no, its fine, they want to talk about me so we may as well give them the time to” John grabbed my bag off my shoulder and started to carry it for me.

“John, please don’t go” I whispered to him as I stopped walking.

“I have to” he whispered looking down.

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