Blood and Brains

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  • Dedicated to Drew(:

So, one day, there was this girl. Her and her family had JUST moved to this town, and she had no idea who anyone was, where anything was, what she could do or who she could meet and hang out with. Her first day of school was destined to be horrible, that's how it always goes. You get stared at by everyone, get called out in front of everyone in class for being new when your name is called, and the inevitable: You usually 99% of the time, get lost and have to ask for help.

Well this girl, her name was Sarah. She was your average, albeit nerdy, girl. Brown hair, freckles, blue eyes. She had glasses, and always carried around books. Not small little light reading books, but big books that most teenagers shy away from.

On her first day of school, she had to do the usual, follow the map she was given and use her schedule to find her first class. Luckily, it was during class when she finally went to look, because she had been in the principles office for most of the morning, getting things sorted out. She found her first class with ease, and promised herself that it wasn't going to be as bad as she thought.

She took a deep breath and walked into the classroom. It was really loud, and she flinched a little. She'd never really liked big crowds that much, especially loud ones. It kind of... made her nervous. No one seemed to notice when she walked in and she was glad of that, one plus to big classes with noisy kids. No one really notices new additions to their environment.

Walking over to the teacher, she explained who she was and everything. The teacher just did the usual, gave her a place to sit, rummaged through his desk for a few papers, shoved them at her and got back to looking at his computer screen. Rolling her eyes, Sarah goes and sits down at her assigned desk. The papers she had been given were the basics. Syllabus, along with a sheet that her parents needed to sign saying that she could take the course and watch whatever movies might be played.

Her first class went by well, no one really noticed her at first, and if they did, they didn't really do anything but stare and whisper to their friends. She was used to people staring and whispering. They tended to do that a lot, whenever she was around.

Her next class went well too, same routine as before. This class was a little quieter, less hectic. The teacher was nicer too, a girl. Girl teachers are usually always nice to new students. Guy teachers well.... They tend to not give a shit either way.

Her 3rd class, however, probably wasn't going to be good. Standing in the middle of the hallway, she looked down at her schedule. P.E. with coach Sanders. Biting her lip, she looks at the room number then at the map in her other hand, which wasn't really necessary. The gym was right down the hallway, through the glass double doors on the right. Apparently it was two levels. It had a regular gym on the top, and then below it was a pool with all the locker rooms.

Sighing, she moves on down the hallway, getting jostled by kids as she does, almost knocking her bag off of her shoulders. She always hated hallways, no one ever seemed to care about the kids around them, pushing and shoving, it was all very rude. She reaches the double doors and gladly pushes herself through them, walking into the huge area. It was your usual gym. Basketball court and bleachers, with a shiny wood floor and the mascot painted in the middle. Nothing very special about it.

The class was gathered over in a corner, by a door labeled 'stairs'. They were sitting on the floor, their bags piled in a corner. A guy with a clipboard was standing next to the group, calling out names in a loud voice. She walks over and waits for him to be done before doing the same as in her other classes, introducing herself and all that.

For that class, he gave her the syllabus and a list of what she'd need, and told her to sit on the bleachers for the day and watch. So she did, watching as they stretched and ran and then played basketball for the rest of the class once it was close to ending.

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