At First Sight: Chapter One

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It was a bright summer day in the town of Blackwood. There wasn't a speck of cloud in the sky to block out the cheerful blue. The smiling sun was shining down on the happy children at play. Nobody dared to be gloomy.

But there was a spot of darkness in this small town. An invisible evil that no one saw lingering on their innocent streets.

The darkness came in the form of a single man, a man h*llbent on a mission.

Alpha Nicholas of the Eclipse Pack had heard tales of a mysterious harbinger of death, the Mara, since he was just a tiny pup of three years.

It was said that whoever possessed the great Mara could bring about the very destruction of the world. They could rule over the world as the one and only emperor, and the entire human race would have no choice but to grovel at their feet.

The only catch?

Nobody knew what or who the Mara was. But, alias! Not all hope was lost. There was a rumor circulating the underground world that the Mara was hidden away inside of a child born in the year of elevens. All they had to do was find the right child.

And Alpha Nicholas would stop at nothing to get the Mara into the wrong hands. Into his bloody hands.

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