The Beach

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"Wake up Kyo! Time for the beach!" Shigure said.

"Ah!" Kyo punched Shigure.

"What the Hell are you in my room for!?" Kyo yelled.

"I tried outside but you wouldn't wake up." Kyo was dreaming of Tohru.

"I was having a good dream!" Kyo said.

"Now get out!" Kyo pushed Shigure out of his room and closed the door. Kyo put on his swim suit under his clothing. He wasn't going into the water but he didn't want to get hot either. Kyo opened the door and saw Tohru standing there.

"Good news Kyo! No rain today!" Tohru said.

"Geez woman!" Kyo yelled.

"I'm sorry! Did I scare you?!" Tohru said.

"No!" Kyo ran down stairs and waited. Tohru soon followed.

"Time to go my flowers!" Shigure said.

"Don't call me that."Kyo said.


" Omg! Look at this place! "Tohru screamed.

" What's so exciting about a damn beach? "Kyo asked.

" Stupid cat. Can't you at least be happy for five seconds?"Yuki said.
Kyo gave Yuki a death glare.

"Come on Kyo. Let's have some fun!" Tohru grabbed Kyo's hand and dragged him to the sand. Tohru giggled.

"Do you want build a sand castle?" Tohru asked.

"Sure..." Kyo didn't sound very excited. They heard Shigure and Yuki playing in the water.

"So what kind of castle should this be?" Tohru said.

"I don't know. Anything you want. I'm just here to build." Kyo said.

"Then let's build... A classic one." Tohru said. They started to build a big, classic sand castle. Kyo didn't really know how to build it and Tohru ended up doing most of the work. After about a good thirty minutes they were done.

"Yah! It's beautiful! "Tohru screamed.

" Yeah whatever." Kyo said.

"Do you not like it?" Tohru said.

"Uh... No I like it. It just took a long time."

"Ms. Handa, why don't you go for a swim, the water is nice." Yuki said.

"Kyo, what about you?" Tohru asked. Kyo looked at her. She had sweet eyes and beautiful smile.

"I don't want to go in." Kyo said.

"Please... I-I don't want to go in without you." Kyo looked shocked.


Tohru stood up and started to take off her clothes. First shorts, then top. Kyo drooled at the sight.

"Come on Kyo. Get ready." Tohru said.

Kyo took off his shirt as that was the only thing, besides swim suit, he had worn. Tohru and Kyo walked to the water.

"Hehe... The water is warm." Tohru said.

They walked until it stopped at Tohru's chest and at Kyo's abs.

"Look up. The birds are really pretty." Tohru said. Kyo looked up.

"They're... Cool." Kyo said. Tohru looked at Kyo.

"Kyo is something wrong? You seem down." Tohru asked.

"It's nothing. I'm just thinking." Kyo said. Tohru put her hands on Kyo's shoulders and pulled his body towards her. She pulled her self up and kissed Kyo. She dropped back into the water. Kyo picked Tohru up.

Tohru gasped.

Kyo leaned into Tohru's lips and passionately kissed her. Tohru pulled her legs up and around Kyo's waist. She put her hands around Kyo's neck. Tohru and Kyo pulled away for some air. Tohru smashed her tongue back into Kyo's mouth. She didn't want this moment to end. Kyo never kissed her like this before.

|Yuki's POV|

Me and Shigure were playing in the water until I heard giggling. It sounded like Tohru. I turned around and saw Tohru and Kyo kissing. I stared and felt discussed.

"Yuki are you okay?" Shigure asked. He looked in the direction I was looking in.


" It seems that you're jealous of Kyo." I looked at Shigure and turned his arm.

"Owwww!!!!" Shigure yelled. I got out of the water and sat on the beach. I looked at the castle they made.

|Out of Yuki POV|

Kyo put Tohru down.

"I love you Kyo." Tohru whispered.

"I love you too." They walked out of the water and saw Yuki on the shore.

"Yuki is every thing okay?" Tohru asked. He looked at Tohru.

"I saw you two." Yuki said.

"Saw us what?" Kyo asked.

"You stupid cat. I saw you two kissing." Tohru gasped.

"So what? It's just a kiss." Kyo said.

"But... Tohru." Yuki said quietly.

"Yuki. Me and Kyo have a confession to make. We have been dating ever since I broke the curse." Tohru said. Yuki gasped. It's been there months since she broke the curse. Yuki got up and got Shigure.

"It seems like we're going to the hotel now." Shigure said. They packed their stuff up and headed to the car. Shigure drove, Yuki was in passenger's seat, and Kyo and Tohru cuddled in the back.
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