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Strange Book

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  • Dedicated to Louise

Hey guys chapter 3 YAY. This chapter is long and you get a chance to learn a bit more about ' The Chosen One' but theres a new character which you should keep an eye out for. This Chapter is deicated to My little sister Louise. I LOVE YOU LOUISE.




Sorry if theres any speling mistakes.

 Chapter 3-

It was disrespectful to walk out like that in front of our guests. My father would be mad and I would be punished. Simple as that. My back was touching the front of my desk. I had to breathe in and out to control myself from shaking. I was shaking just after I ran out. These so called guests Marcus and Peter stirred something within me. The way they spoke and looked at me was like..... they want something from me. The need something from me is what I felt ,whatever it was how can I give to them I’m just a princess nothing more.

They didn’t even look like they were royal knights they were ... I don’t know but there was something off about them. Guardians the voice in my head said to me. I laughed to myself they don’t exist. I then went over to my shelf behind my desk pulling out ‘the book’. The strange book with no writing. I didn’t know why I should be bothered to even pick up this book  but I’m feeling something’s wrong  with me I just can’t figure out what it is. And you think this book has the answer to that the voice in head said. I placed it on my desk and just stared at it. I don’t know how long I stared but then my hand opened the book slowly. There’s a title, since when did this book have a title. The title was called the ‘The chosen one’ which my eyes kept rereading the title because...... I don’t know why I kept rereading the title it was  just a shock. 

I never heard about the Chosen one, none of the books I’ve read never mentioned this ‘chosen one’ so I then turned to the next page. I hesitated at first but found the guts to turn the page. It was a list of what this book contained.

1.       The history of the Chosen one

2.       Duty of the Chosen one

3.        Powers of the Chosen one

4.       Signs of the Chosen one

5.       Timeline of the Chosen one

6.       Tattoos of the Chosen one

7.       Why been Chosen

8.       Guardians of the Chosen one

9.       Stories of the Chosen one

10.   Black ones

I read the list slowly taking in what’s been written. I decided I read the first part and if it’s interesting I read even more. I turned the next page already the two pages were filled with writing.

Many have heard of this so called Chosen One, but never really knowing who this amazing being is in the hidden world. This Chosen one is chosen to be ruler of the hidden world. It’s started when the creator of the hidden world decided it was time to have a real ruler to rule his creation. He then decided there be a number of Chosen ones to try to accomplish the honour of being the queen/king of the hidden world. The first chosen one was never recorded in resources and even some after was never written down. It was a couple of centuries after when they were recorded. The chosen one was Zofia many call her in the present and past a selfish woman who used her magic for only herself to use  and refused to win over the lands of the hidden world.  She then died a painful death. The Chosen ones after also failed for many different reasons still in the present many a failing their duties. As the people in the hidden world wait for the chosen one to protect and save their world before it’s too late. The chosen one faces missions to accomplish which could take years but that Chosen one who puts effort and sacrifice will hopefully make it. As for the good, hopeful people of this hidden world wait  soon the people would stop believing and would be ruled by the wrong rulers.

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