The student valedictorian stood on the rasied stage next to DJ Mask to do the final speech. "Graduating Seniors, welcome to your final Prom!" a student whose name Alice had forgotten announced to much applause. "We've written our exams, and at midnight tonight, we will no longer be students in highschool, but adults on our way to bright and amazing futures!" everyone cheered at that. Alice's heart thumped and she swore she felt the baby move, even though that was impossible. "Now I know it's sad for a lot of us. Having to say goodbye to the hallways that had acted as our prison cell... I mean school." There was scattered laughter, but Alice wasn't one of the ones laughing. "And it's heartbreaking for us all to have to say good bye to our friends and mentors." Alice saw Kim wipe a tear off her face shamelessly while Sam and Butch cuddled closer.

"For a lot of us, it's scary, going out into the big unknown that is life after highschool." At this Alice did smirk, because she already knew what was out there. Like Salali said, she did everything a** backwards. "But if there is one thing I can say without doubt, is that each and everyone of us is capable of meeting that challenge head on." Everyone held up their ice cream champagne flutes as he raised his. "So here is to our final moments together. May our futures temper us into better man and women. May our chocies in life fill us with happiness and good memories for declining years." everyone nodded to his words. "And most importantly, may tonight be one of many amazing nights we all deserve. To us!" he finished his rousing speech.

"TO US!" the collective of students replied, more than one glisening eye giving evidence of emotional responses.

After the plates, glasses and tables were cleared away, Alice saw Malcolm adjust something and then the music started to gradually increase. She'd seen his electronics in the apartment, so it should have come as no surprise to her that he knew how to use her system, but it still caught her out a little. How confidant he looked up there.

Her friends pulled her off the sidelines and into the dance floor, carefully maneuvering her ever closer to DJ Mask. Though many students were coming up to her and giving her their condolances for the attack, or trying to ask not so subtle questions, Alice's friends were mostly deflecting the curious. She knew people were trying to figure out what was truth and what was lie, the fact that West was clearly standing near her and DJ Mask was also visible on the stage seemed to throw the general student body for a whirl as they had believed them to be one and the same.

Even though there was a crowd of people between them, Alice knew the moment he spotted her coming towards him. Because his slumped shoulders straightened, and a gloved hand started to fidget with the seams of the costume. She couldn't see his face, but somehow knew that they would have eye contact right now if he took off the mask. So she stared straight at him and walked forward, too focused on moving and getting her chance to talk to him to notice that the student body was moving out of her way. Whispers and stares followed in her wake, and she was oblivious to it all.

She carefully climbed the risers leading onto the sound stage, unaware that the eyes of the student body below were all on her. Even Malcolm looked frozen in place as she came towards him. She knew that if she broke the eye contact that held him in place, he would likely flee, terrified that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. He was convinced that she was better off without a killer in her life. So she needed to convince him that she wanted nothing more than to have him there, protecting her and their baby for the rest of their lives.

The song was winding up to its powerful finish, and the weight of the crowd's gaze broke as her friends created a disturbance, purposefully pulling attention to them, giving Alice and Malcolm a sembalance of privacy. "Parca, Hay algo que usted y yo tenemos que hablar..." She said, knowing that by keeping to Spanish they could talk in public and almost no one would understand. (Reaper, There is something you and I need to discuss...)

His masked head nodded, and he turned to the sounds station, letting the current song slide into something less epic, more romantic for the couples in the crowd to make use of. He held out a gloved hand to her and led her back down the risers and into the crowd of her peers. He still hadn't said anything to her, but his hand held hers and the other rested against her back, pulling her to him so they could dance.

"Hay algo que tengo que decir así." Malcolm finally stated, voice a little muffled from the damn Mask.(There is something I need to say as well).  Their dance wasn't quite the romantic scene it could have been, considering the fact that he was basically wearing a Predator mask. "Que se merece a alguien en tu vida que no es un monstruo. No soy mejor que él. Lo único que parecen ser capaces de hacer es traer sufrimiento y la muerte." his voice was mournful. (You deserve someone in your life who isn't a monster. I'm no better than he was. The only thing I seem to be able to do is bring suffering and death).

Alice looked at him, feeling the ever present tingle of tears in her eyes. She stopped dancing with him, oblivious to the people swirling about them, captured in their own moment of time. "That's not true." she said softly, switching back to English. She pulled his hand off her back and peeled the glove off his long fingered hand. Hand exposed, she pressed his palm to her stomach. "You may be nicnamed Reaper, but pretty soon someone is going to be calling you daddy. You're not a monster Malcolm. You're a husband and a father." she stated plainly.

His body froze at her words, and she wished she could see his face for this moment. See his eyes so she could know what he was thinking. He hadn't wanted kids, she knew that. He had told West he wasn't ready for them only a few short months ago. And here she was telling him that he was having one far sooner than expected. When he pulled his hand off her stomach she almost wailed in broken hearted despair, thinking that he wasn't happy with her announcement. But Malcolm simply raised his hand to push the mask up off his face so he could stare at her, eyes full of shock and wonder. Then his lips crashed to hers and she realized that the tears on her face were dripping from his eyes. His arms wrapped around her and he spun them about, not caring that anyone looking could see who he was. Their secret was exposed and he couldn't give a damn about the consequences. Alice pulled out of the kiss and lowered his mask, looking around to see how many people had seen his face. It was only then that she realized how devious West had been. He had anticipated the fact that Malcolm would take off that stupid mask. The lights around them were off, the room flooded with darkness except for a string of lights winding around the room. It should have looked tacky, white christmas tree lights stretching around hte crowd of students, weaving from hand to hand, person to person. But it looked like a chain of fireflies, connecting everyone together, with Alice and Malcolm wrapped up near the center of it, like the bead of a dream catcher.

Alice spent as much of the night as she could in his arms, some of the terror and dread falling away. She'd seen something in his eyes that started to heal the deepest scars inside her psyche. Whatever he'd been feeling before, whatever self doubt and loathing he'd suffered was gone. Malcolm Vega was the father of her unborn child, her fiancee and she now knew that there wasn't anything he'd let pull them apart. Not even his own personal demons.


A/N: I think that's pretty much it folks. I have to wrap up and give you you all a glimpse into the next step in their lives. But other than the epilogue, this is the end of their story.

Of course saying that, I also have to admit that you all get to see more of these two, and the little Vega in the oven, more in King of Hearts, West's romantic story.

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