The two women started to climb into Salali's beat up muscle car when a horn honking caught their attention. Alice frowned and looked at the end of their street, trying to figure out what all the commotion was about. Driving up the street towards them as a stretch black limo with a very familiar figure hanging out the sunroof, screaming Alice's name. Before any romantic notion could swell, Alice started to laugh. Kim was waving her arms frantically, making sure that Ace couldn't miss her dramatic enterance.


"KIIIIIIIMMMMM!" Ace screamed back, laughing as she saw the other windows on the limo roll down to reveal the faces of her friends. West smirked out the window at her. He had been the only other person Alice had told about her expectant condition. And only after Malcolm had been 'too busy to come over'. She'd needed someone to talk to that might know how to help her, and even thoguh she'd originally planned on telling no one, her voluntary big brother West had someone coaxed the story out of her. He was equal parts pissed off at Malcolm's behaviour, thrilled for her obvious happiness and nervous about becoming an uncle. He'd already warned her that he expected to be a big part in the future little Spade.

The limo pulled to a stop in front of Alice and Salali, a disgruntled looking driver getting out to open the door for Alice. She thanked him politely and laughed at Salali pushed her towards her friends. "You should arrive is style." The large Native woman cajoled and Alice got in the flashy car with a chuckle.

Kim pounced on ehr at the first opportunity, hugging her tightly. West threw his arm over her shoulder and continued to smirk at everyone. "Don't get mad." He stated cryptically. Alice frowned at him and turned to see the judging looks in everyone's eyes.

"You told!" Alice stated, shocked and feeling a little betrayed. Kim just squeezed her a little tighter, then let go.

"Told you not to get mad Ace." West sighed, patting her shoulder. "I wasn't gonig to tell. You know I'm good at keeping my trap shut." he shot Kim a glare.

The petite brunette flushed, a guilty look plain as day on her face. "I had already told the others about you and Malcolm." she confessed. Alice stared at her best girl friend is shock, too stunned to respond.

"Before you get all pissed off and betrayed, she really had no choice." Justine interjected smoothly. "I always know when she has a secret and we eventually battered it out of her. Especially after Malcolm and West killed that guy." she said it plainly. Alice felt a weight in her chest as she recalled the events.

"And then West found out I'd told everyone and then he realized that we might be able to help." Kim took over the conversation again.

"Wait, help with what?" Alice was getting confused.

"With getting the baby daddy to stop avoiding you so he can hear the good news." Justine said before Kim could.

Alice just stared at her friends, overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. Fear, panic, a stab of worry, a flush of confused betrayal, excitement, happiness, shock. Almost inevitably she felt tears well up and she started to laugh and cry at the same time, exasperated with her wildly fluctuating emotions. "It's ok, it's ok. This happens a lot lately!" Alice waved away everyone's concern as she dug into her dainty purse for a tissue. Sal had given her a bunch, figuring she'd need one either way depending on how her night ends.

"Have you gotten a chance to talk to him at all?" Alice asked West softly, letting her friends settle into their own excited chatter for prom. They flat out refused to tell her how they were planning to help, but just tried to ease her worry by saying it was fool proof. Which of course made her convinced tonight was gonig to end it fire and brimstone.

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