Chapter 18 - Dinner

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The following day, I was a bit nervous to go see Harry after doing laundry but I knew he was only teasing me. I liked that we always spent time together in art, he was my personal tutor. I was pretty sure that he had transferred in, but knowing Harry he might have just skipped. He didn't seem to care much about school. 

"How is your washing machine?" he smiled a bit at lunch.

"My mom is bummed. It won't be fixed for a little over a week."

"That's too bad."

"It is, but it's not that big of a deal. We don't do laundry that often anyhow."

He nodded and we fell into silence, he was reading and I was snacking on my lunch. The bell rang and I put my things away, heading to art class. I wasn't shocked that Harry appeared. He worked in his private space for a very long time, before coming out and fussing around. He had this odd expression, I didn't know if it was... nerves? I wasn't entirely sure. 



“Would… do you want to get dinner with me tonight?” he asked in the middle of art. I saw a few dozen heads snap our way.

It felt like it had been years before I finally answered him. “I-I’d like that.”

He nodded and walked out, just like that. Whoa. Was that a date? Or was this a way to get to know one another? I had no idea; all I knew was that… he asked me.

I assumed he was picking me up that night, I was wearing something a bit nicer than normal, but not too nice. I knew he liked plaid. So I wore a pair of black skinny jeans that my mom had bought me on that shopping trip. Then a top in black and red plaid with a touch of white, it was very fitted to me. I had my blond hair half pined back. I pulled on some boots and a jacket, just as there was a knock on the door.

“I got it,” I shouted to my parents and I hurried downstairs, throwing the door open. “H-Hi,” I smiled nervously.

‘Hey,” he was wearing darker blue jeans, and a jacket. He turned, and started to his truck.

Unlike Taylor he didn’t get the door for me, for some reason, it made me more comfortable. It was like he was nervous, and didn’t know how to act. Taylor was a pro; he knew every move to make, but not Harry. It put me at ease.  He took me to a family style restaurant, called JT’s. It was decorated in tacky fake flowers, and strange chairs. I ordered a thing of spaghetti, he got a burger. He shook off his jacket, I did the same. He was in a cable knitted looking sweater; it was one of the nicer things he wore.

“So, um,” I fumbled again. He stared, amused. “Why t-the want to…”


“W-With me, e-eat with me.” I spilled out.

He smiled. “No idea,”

“Was this i-impulsive?”

“Not too impulsive.” He tapped on the table.

“Have you taken a girl o-out to dinner?”

“Um,” he thought. “Not out to dinner.”

“Have you dated?”

“Not exactly dated,”

I stared. “W-What have you done?”

“Everything but the typical relationship lay out.”


“Yes, I’m not the…. Best with women.” I nodded.

“Then w-why did you ask me to dinner?”

“I told you, I have no idea. I wanted to have a real conversation I suppose. I can see myself talking to you, which is odd.” I nodded. “Don’t be nervous.”

“H-How’d you know?”

“Your stutter, you do it when you’re nervous. Don’t be, we’re just talking.”

“Okay,” I sat up straighter, feeling at ease. “Well, tell me more about you. D-Do you have siblings?”


“What do your parents do?” he seemed a bit confused, I didn’t get why. “H-Harry?”

“Well, I don’t have parents.”

“You what?”

“I don’t have parents, next question?”

“How c-can you not have parents?”

“Easily, new question, not about family,”

“All right,” I stepped back from the question. “What…”

I was quiet for a long time. “Finley?”

“I’m sorry; you take over the c-conversation. All of m-my questions are far too personal.”

He nodded. “Have you been getting better with your adjusting to school?”

“I guess. I-I don’t really like public school, I really enjoyed home schooling. I’m a home body.”

“I couldn’t have guessed that one.”

‘No?” I smiled.

Our meals came; I tried to be lady like and dropped my napkin into my lap. We made quiet conversation about school, simple things like that. He didn’t like to get personal, it was painfully obvious.

“Thank you for dinner.” I said as he pulled up in front of my house.

“No problem,” I unbuckled my seatbelt. I looked up at him; he fiddled with the radio and then finally turned it off. God he looked so handsome, his jaw line was just… masculine. He looked at me, and unbuckled his seat belt. “Want me to walk you up?” I nodded, for whatever reason. I was perfectly capable of walking myself up to my house. I got out of the truck, and we started side by side up to my house, the lights were out.

“T-Thanks again,’ I stumbled out as I unlocked the door.

He nodded with a very serious expression, his brows pulled together. I noticed a bit of stubble on his chin, but his skin did look rather smooth, at the same time rough. He wasn’t perfect. He leaned down, about to kiss me. I didn’t know how to kiss a boy, what do you do?

“H-Harry,” I exhaled quickly, panicking.

His eyes jumped open. “What?”

“I don’t know… I don’t….”

“What?” he looked at me. I just stared, hopelessly lost for words. “Do you not want me to kiss you?”

“I-I, I do, I just... I don’t know…”

“How?” he said after a moment. I nodded, confused. “Very simple,” he put his hand on my waist, I jumped forward, closer to him. His other hand went to the base of my skull, tipping back my head by gripping my hair gently. He leaned down, and dragged his lips over mine. “Start like that,” I nodded, nearly gasping. “Then you,” he dipped down, he was about to kiss me, inches from my lips.

“Finley?” my dad threw open the door. Harry leaped backwards. “Harry.”

“Hello sir, I was just saying goodnight.”

“Yes, you were.” I dropped my eyes, so mortified.

“Night Finley,” he started away, looking concerned as he got in his truck. I finally found my voice.

“Dad!” I smacked his chest as I came inside. “What the hell was that?” I smacked him again.

“I panicked! You were going to kiss that boy!”

“Yes! That was the point! Ugh!” I let out a groan and huffed up my steps.

I was going to kiss that boy. I wanted him to have said, you kissed that boy. I really wanted to, for the first time in my life, I wanted to kiss someone.

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