Chapter 8 | Memory Chills

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We hit 700 views on this book today and I'm so thankful for all you guys who had a part in that, so I wanted to surprise you all with the next chapter sooner than expected

"Emma..." Killian whispers, lovingly tucking a strand behind her ear. "I can't help it darling, I'm falling for you...You know that don't you?" He breathes - his breath heavy.

Butterflies flood her stomach, his words making her toes curl "Why don't you just show me?"

Mischievously Raising his brow, because he loves a challenge. He moves in close, too close. Just Before leaning in, She closes her eyes, waiting.

But reality is cruel.

Waking Emma up, and reality ripping her from her thoughts.
She Rubs the tiredness from her heavy eyes, yawning. Ugh it's early...too early

Flipping over she reaches for the alarm clock on the night stand, The Bright red numbers blinding her vision as she scrunches her face up to make them out.


Glancing over to the couch Killian inhabits, she does a double take. Her stomach doing a small, depressed flip.

Killian is gone.


She should be relieved, but all she feels is disappointment. And shame for getting her feelings invested when she knows better.

But everyone leaves her sooner or later... It's only a matter of time. So why would this man be any different?

Deep down, it honestly just felt so good to have a friend. To have someone to confide In with the secret of her true identity, and someone to hold her accountable for her sins.. Not that he cares, but no one else can ever know.

She glances up to the ceiling, fighting against the gloss that covers her electric green eyes.
She really doesn't want to be alone, not anymore. Not after a worthless life as a loner.

But the feeling odviously wasn't mutual, she thinks. He ditched her the first chance he got. And though she'd never admit it out loud, it's leaving a sting in her heart.

Thats when she hears a strangled groan coming from the darkened bathroom, with a fleck of hope swelling in her chest she quickly slips out of her tangled bed sheets and paces down the small hall.
She flips on the bathroom switch and finds Killian sitting on the floor, his cheek resting against the cold tiles, his face a complete mask of pain.

"What are you doing in here?" Emma asks him, worry evident in her strangled voice.

But she doesn't wait for him to answer. Quickly going back to the main part of the room and taking both the painkillers and the antibiotics from her bag that she swiped from the pharmacy earlier that night, to help him through the pain of his shoulder.

Here's to hoping she can get him lucid enough to take them.....

"Milah", he calls just as she's pouring him a glass of water and Emma freezes, her stupid, far-fetched dream going up in smoke.

Of course he's already got somebody to love; the whole dam world seems to have somebody except her.

"I need you to wake up", Emma begged while shaking his good shoulder, but he just frowns and keeps calling this 'Milah's' name, his voice getting progressively more desperate.
"Shhh, I'm here." She tries to soothe, still not really knowing what she should say.

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