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unknown: here ya go kayla bby ;-)

unknown: *picture*

me: very very sure im not your bby or kayla

me: is that a dickpic?

unknown: bby its okay, you dont have to pretend nobody knows

me: wrong number. how do i unsee that picture?

unknown: kayla?

me: you are gross

unknown: okay your not kayla

me: you're*

unknown: for sure not kayla

unknown: who are you?

me: not that slut of yours kayla and neither bby

unknown: pissy

me: it was a great conversation whoever you are. but you sent me a dick pic and i really not having it

unknown: i can guess your a girl

me: you're*

unknown: im a boy

me: no shit

unknown: luke

me: stop talking to me

me: i will block your number

luke: no you wont

luke: why didnt you do that as soon as you saw the pic?

me: you are kind of an asshole you should now

luke: but i can make them go crazy

me: stop talking to me

luke: name?

me: agnes

me: i dont wanna talk to you

luke: why not? :-(

me: what if you are an old man trying to get to my panties?

luke: im not

me: well you were clearly trying to get to kayla's

me: keep sexting with her and leave me alone i was busy

luke: doing what?

me: watching the vampire diaries

luke: come on, that picture made your day for sure

me: no, but ian somerhalder will make my day for sure

me: so excuse you but im leaving before i need to block your number

luke: you'll come back

me: i doubt that

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