Chapter 2: WTF...?!

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After finding out Lola's name I kept a watchful eye on her. She had came back to drop off the bottle and drinks to the other VIP section and briefly came over and asked us if we needed anything. By that time I found my courage to speak and asked her for her number...again.

"So Lola...since I have your about your number?" I ask grabbing her small hand in mine and pulling her to me. I wanted her close to me.

"How about you just know my name and get another girl's number? I'm sure they are desperately willing to give it to you!" she says and I don't know if she is being serious or playing around with me. I've never had a girl reject me before.

"You're joking...right?!" I ask looking at her sideways...she has to be joking...I need to get her number.

"Sorry...!" she says pulling her hand away from my grasp and walked away. What is it with her and walking away from me?

"Lola...hold up?" I go after her stopping her by her shoulder which she shrugged off. "Why can't I get your number?"

Sighing she steps back "Look, you seem like a nice guy and I know these other girls here wouldn't mind being with you but...I'm NOT interested. Sorry!" and with that she walked away leaving me with my mouth agape. You want to play hard to get Lola? Then I'll play this game of cat and mouse...and once I trap you...I won't let you go.


"I don't get it Ric! She won't give me her number and she's been trying to avoid me for the past hour and a half! Am I ugly? Do I**! Does my breath smell?" I breathed on his face making him pull back.

"Yo man! Get your stank breath away from me! I don't need to smell all that! Damn!" Ricardo contorted his face in disgust.

"You ain't helping man! Why won't she give me-" but Ricardo cut me off.

"Damn Kap...slow your roll homie! Did you stop and think that MAYBE she's taken?"

That took me back for a second "Taken?"

"Damn you can be stupid sometimes! YEAH! Taken! Like have a boyfriend...or maybe a girlfriend?!" he said in a DUH way.

I scrunched my eyebrows together. I didn't think that she might have a boyfriend. Did it matter though?

"You might be right. I need to ask her."

"Yeah...but bruh...if she ain't interested, then why go through the trouble? Look at all these chicks that want a piece of your d**k! You can pick one or a few to take home...why her? I mean, don't get me wrong, she's fine as hell, but..."

Ricardo had a point but I know he didn't understand what I was feeling. Crap, I didn't know what I was feeling myself except that I wanted Lola! She's the one...I know she is. I just need for her to crack and give me her number.

"She is fine as hell...I know that...but there is something else about her...I just want to get to know her better." I say nonchalantly. I wasn't lying, I do want to get to know her every way possible. I want to know her like the back of my hand.

"Mhmm...okay bruh...then go do your thing then!" he says patting my shoulder and walks off to go dance with some girls.

Ben was on the dance floor with some other chicks motioning for me to join him. I guess I should since Lola wasn't around.

Making my way to the dance floor, a few girls began to rub their sweaty bodies on me which made me crinch...the only sweaty body I wanted on me was Lola's while and after f'ing the hell out of her. Damn I want her!

I couldn't dance worth sh** so I just moved to the music while some female grinded her ass on my junk. By now I would have a hard on, but I was thinking of Lola! I wanted her...badly!

"Lola! Lola...over here!" Lola's name being called brought me out of my thoughts. I looked around and there was my girl.

She went up to Gia who leaned down to her ear and said something that made Lola nod her head and follow her. My eyes followed the direction she was heading which was up on stage. Wonder why?

Gia grabbed Lola's hand helping her up on a small stage then they both started dancing to the song that was on. They both laughed as they moved their bodies to the rhythm of the music...Lola's hips had me hypnotized like if they were a snake charmer and I the snake that wanted to sliver all over her body. I wanted my venom to course through her veins so I was a part of her DNA.

I stopped dancing with the girl who I had forgotten her name by now and focused on Lola. Her body in that uniform made her curves show and let me tell you, she had an amazing body. A body I wanted on top, bottom and all fours. I felt my d*** twitch thinking about devouring her.

Guys around started looking up at them and hollering trying to catch their attention which they laughed off. I watched them reaching out to grab Lola's hand which got me pissed. He better not touch my girl. I'm not afraid to knock out some punk ass who can't respect boundaries. I guess with having a girl as gorgeous as Lola can make any guy have his guard up...just in case other men try something on her.

I took a few steps over to where she was to make sure no other guy tried something. I needed to protect her, just in case. I can see her toned legs as she danced and these pervs could see up her skirt. I wanted those legs wrapped around my waist when I thrusted myself deeply in her or around my face when I ate her out...I'm sure she tasted amazing. Just the thought of licking her pu**y and slurping her juices made me lick my lips. I wanted to taste her.

I stared at her while she continued to dance until she glanced at me and winked then smiled that beautiful smile. Maybe she was playing hard to get? Her body swayed seductively as if it was calling for me. My body moved towards her. I needed to get her off the stage and make her mine.

As I made my way to where she was dancing with Gia, I smiled knowing that my dream girl was only a few feet away and just when she was close to touch, I stopped in my tracks...WTH?!

Some guy had grabbed her hand catching her attention. She stopped dancing looking down at the guy who she smiled at...she seriously needs to STOP F'ING smiling at random dudes! He opened up his arms as she jumped in them hugging her tightly. Maybe they were friends? I thought to myself until he pulled back putting his hand behind her neck smashing his lips on hers. WTF!?!?

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