♪ Chapter 6

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C H A P T E R  6

And after every competition, comes an epic party. Unfortunately I had to be the sensible one during this celebration. I was in charge of babysitting a certain idiot who had a wounded ego. That morning, was the first proper fight I had had with Chase.

"May, I've been looking everywhere for you!" Caleb snapped me out of my daze. The party was going full blast, and I had taken a few moments away from Shannon so that I could get a drink.

"What?" I responded, irritated by his snappy tone.

He sighed, and ran his hands over his face. "When was the last time you saw Chase?"

"A while back, why?"

Caleb gestured for me to follow him. I shrugged and skipped after him towards the other side of the field, "What's got your knickers in a twist."

"That has."

I stared at the sight in front of me. Chase was lying on the ground, giggling. Yes, giggling. Usually I would laugh at this, but Keara was kneeling down beside him, muttering something to him. She was dressed in tight and short clothing, which she looked good in. Most people would call her a slut for wearing these, but no matter how much I hated her, Keara has been in a relationship for the last two and a half years, she wasn't one. Slut's are determined by actions not clothing. Keara's merely a bitch.

"Nope. No matter how much of a bitch May is, she still comes first." He replied to her, a wide grin on his face.

I cooed. That was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said about me!

"Beat it." I ordered Keara, as I made my way over to Chase.

He grinned once he saw me, and I couldn't help but grin back, "Now what have you gotten yourself into?" I mused.

He shrugged his shoulders, a cheeky smile forming on his face. I rolled my eyes fondly, and stretched my hand out to help him up. "You're a happy drunk. I love happy drunks!"

He refused my offer of help, and attempted to climb to his feet by himself. "This may take a while." He muttered, taking in his surroundings and probably trying to come up with a plan.

"Oh yeah? What's your plan?" I replied, amused.

He shook his head in defeat, "I don't even have a pla."

I grinned at his 'friends' quote, and despite his protests, pulled him to his feet. "Stop your whining," I ordered, "Come on. Let's get you to bed."

"Babe, if you wanted to come to bed with me, you just had to ask."

I sighed. I had walked right into that one. "Stop being so eager darling," I drawled, "drunk eager blokes aren't my type."

"Well you change your type so that it suits me!" He argued, putting an arm around my shoulders, and attempting to look cool even though he could hardly walk. I looked around for Caleb, hoping that he could help me get him to his cabin, yet Caleb was no where to be seen. 

"Oh yeah," I grumbled, "just leave May to deal with a drunk guy!"

"Excuse me, but I am the drunk guy."

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