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"Yo my hoe" Josh chirped in a rather high pitched tone

"Wow I didn't expect you too be twelve"
Tyler giggle quietly as he excuse himself out side. He wasn't anxious with Josh, he wasn't even nervous

"Oh," cough, "Better?"

Tyler gasped at the sudden tone change

His voice was pretty hot


"Anyway what state you live in"

"How did you even know I was an American?"

Josh let out an oh


"You have an accent you doof" Josh laughed loudly

"I'm from Ohio"

"I'm from Florida but we'll be moving to Ohio when my mum moves into her new work"

"Dude that's sick!"

Josh and Tyler chatted for what seemed hours on end until Ty was called back in. They said their goodbyes

"Later Josh!"

"Cya babe"


The line cut silent


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