Chapter 6: Anteiku

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Hi. I'm sorry I haven't been updating recently, I was on holidays watching Anime!! Anyway here's another chapter. Hope you enjoy!!゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚  ~(≧◇≦)/゙゙゙゙

Kaneki's pov

"I guess the sun won't show up for a while huh?" I thought to myself. It wasn't that I didn't liked the snow but the warming sun was welcomed instead of the cold snow touch. Some snow got on my silver hair but honestly it didn't really mattered. I walked to the nearest store, after all I didn't wanted to waste much time away from my Tomoe Chan. As I walked to the burguer section, I tried to recalling what the different foods I saw tasted like. I missed the joy I had when tasting then. Not that I don't like humans. I'm still a ghoul after all. But it's nostalgic I guess. I bought the burger and walked back home. Well I was going to. As I turned the corner, I bumped into someone and fell flat on the floor as the other person. I was about to insult him when the other person talked. "Kaneki!" I opened my eyes to see Touka sat on the floor looking at me. "Touka Chan! Long time no see!" I said, smiling. I stood up and helped her do the same. "Yeah, long time no see. I haven't seen you anywhere now. What happened? It's been three weeks." She asks me. "I'm sorry Touka Chan, I got a new job and I've been busy and all." I answer. "Oh I see. I didn't saw you at...Ayato's...funeral." She finishes. "No. I wanted to go but my job didn't allowed me. I sent you a pair of flowers though. I hope you got then. How are you holding up?" "Fine I guess. I know he was a selfish, arrogant asshole but...he was still my brother." Touka said. "I know." I said, patting her shoulder. I know he was a arrogant asshole who tried to take my Tomoe Chan away from me, so he deserved what he got. "So I never understood how he died." I asked. "He was killed by stalker. He tried to help a girl but her stalker killed him." She informed. "Oh." I pretended to be surprised. "Anyway, we are busy at Anteiku and since we haven't seen you in a while wanna come help for a bit?" Touka asked. Honestly I wanted to return to my Tomoe Chan but old memories of that place started flooding in. "I guess half an hour is ok." I said and we walked to Anteiku.

As I entered a nostalgic feeling came. I remembered all the good and the bad moments I had in here. The table where I sat with Hide that day, the table where I got kidnapped... And of course, everybody from here. "Long time no see Kaneki-san!" I heard Yoshimura-san say. "Look who's here! The nerdy!" Nishiki said. After greeting everybody, including Hinami Chan huggings I dressep up and helped everybody for a half an hour. It was hard to leave the place but I took comfort in knowing it was Tomoe Chan that I was going to. I remembered the attacks that Anteiku had as I walked home. Just thinking how Tomoe Chan could get hurt like they did. I promised myself that I wouldn't get her hurt like they did. I won't make the same mistake again.

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