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Corrupting The Pastor's Son

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Yay another story !

im having another idea "blast" like i keep getting ideas for future stories and this is one of them ! (:

also in this story if something is italicized it means shes thinking it so yeah :P

and i really hope you like this one

so simply enjoy.....(:



"GET OUT!" They shouted in rage. His fist in a tremor almost as if he was going to burst a vein from anger.

The words I thought I would never hear in my seventeen years of living leave my stress inducing and uptight parents Kathy and Thomas Rivera's lips.

I looked over at them unfazed by their shouting, but inside somewhere where I keep everything hidden I was scared. Yes, me little miss I don't give a fuck was scared.

My parents wouldn't kick out their only child. Right? I mean they need to calm their asses down it was only condoms and beer at least I was using protection. They should be thanking me for practicing safe sex.

Keeping up with my nonchalant facade I began to be interested in my nails then slowly I would look up at them like I didn't care that they were fuming.

My mom let out a frustrated groan while tugging on her burgundy curls. My eyes strayed over to my tired dad who began to rub his large calloused hands over his aging face.

I crossed my arms over my chest.

"So do I pack and go out on the streets or what?" I state in a monotone voice.

I have to show them that I'm finally growing up and I'm not the same little girl who didn't have a backbone. I'm Independent now.

"NO DAUGHTER OF MINE WILL BE PUT ON THE STREETS!" My dad roars standing up to his full 6'7 height while my mom jumped up next to him grabbing his bicep as a way to calm him down. Knowing my dad he will, but he'll still be angry.

"Well then I'll be upstairs in my room trying to give a fuck." I turn on my heel ready to leave.

"You have disappointed me and your father." My mother finally speaks up in a whisper that rang loudly in my ears permanently etching her words into my mind.

I continue my determined stride to my room.

"Hold up there." A deep harsh voice commands. My feet pull to an abrupt stop.

"Yes?" I bite.

"Since you don't take warnings very well." I turn around staring at my dad for his verdict. "I'm going to send you to a friend's house."

Like a sleepover. Wow that isn't a punishment. It's a freaking reward. Sometimes I wonder if they are running out of punishments for little ole me.

"Who do I call? Rachel? Ann? Ryan--" My dad huffs cutting me off.

"You will be going to Anaheim, California where you will be staying with a good old friend of mine Jeremy Reid."


"Excuse me?!"

"I said no as in no I'm not going." I argue in a spiteful tone.

"You are going and that's final."

"Like hell I am." I look over at my quiet mom as she catches my gaze she looks away.

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