You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 14

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"im sure everything will work out"

i sighed and nodded, it was easy enough for her to say, she was with niall and they were in love. i wasnt with zayn but we were in love, well,thats how i felt anyway.

i changed the subject from zayn and we continued with the practical, when we were finished we all sat back down. as the bell went i handed emily her pen back


she smiled but shook her head

"keep it, ive got lots more"

i nodded "i bet you have"

we laughed and everyone filed out of the classroom, it was graphics and the only person in my class was robbie. yeah i know, not good. i walked as slowly as i could and sat down, he sat down next to me and i glared at him

"what are you doing? you dont even sit here"

he pointed at the board, miss had arranged a new seating plan and to my anger she had put robbie next to me, i guess the talk about what robbie did to me didnt get to the teachers. i moved as far as my chair would let me move, everyone was whispering between themselves and i knew we were the topic of their talks. i sighed as the teacher handed out our folders, we had been working on a project where you had to promote a band, and i had obviously done one direction. i was rather good at drawing so i found it really easy, i had drawn the boys and had a plain top to design for their fans.

i began to finish off some designs for the top i had done on a piece of paper from last lesson, i could feel robbies eyes on me and it made me feel really un-nerved. the teacher sat down at her desk and was doing stuff on her computer and she wasnt concentrating on any of us so i sneakily pulled out my phone from my pocket and opened up a new text

zoey - robbies watching me :/ xx

i didnt expect a reply but i was hoping for one, i began to draw again but felt my lap vibrate

zayn - im on my way xx

i felt myself go bubbly inside as i typed a reply

zoey - im at school, in class xx

zayn - i dnt care, im comingg, gimme 2 mins xxx

i smiled and then realised that zayn was actually coming to get me out of this situation. robbie moved closer

"so, i hear your good mates with abi tomlinson?"

i clenched my fists "you wont go near her if you know whats good for you."

he laughed, but it was an evil kind of laugh

"so, if i said she chose to accept my date then what would you do?"

i turned to him, glaring

"what do you mean?"

he laughed again, it actually made me feel sick

"she accepted, she rang the number"

i shivered and tryed not to punch him right there, my thoughts were interupted by a knock at the door.

"enter" the teacher said,

the door opened and zayn walked in, the girls all screamed and tryed to get up but he quickly ran out and shut the door. the teacher sent them back to their desks and opened the door for zayn

"can i help you?"

he nodded "im here to pick up zoey tyler, shes needed"

the teacher nodded but still looked at him

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