Chapter 1: Another evil grandpa

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Thanks for reading! I know there are plenty 'Percy is Voldy's grandson' stories, but I decided to try writing one such fic myself.
Also, this story takes place during Order of the Phoenix and post The Blood of Olympus.
Now, on with the story...
"What!!" I demanded, jumping up from my chair. Voldemort has a grandson?? How could anyone want to be with that... snake!?!? "You have got to be kidding me, professor!!" I shouted.

Professor Dumbledore looked at me. "I don't kid, Harry. Voldemort indeed does have a grandson. And he will be coming to Hogwarts this year." He took a breath before going on. "He will be a 5th year with you, Ron and Hermione."

I looked at my godfather, Sirius Black. He looked like I felt: shocked and angry at the same time.

"Albus," Sirius asked. "What is stopping You Know Who's grandson from killing Harry on sight? I mean, his grandfather's downfall was caused by Harry."

Professor Dumbledore shook his head. "Highly unlikely, Sirius. You see, he doesn't know about Voldemort. His mother is a squib. In a way, that sort of protected him. He had shown great magical potential." Sirius looked thoughtful as Professor Dumbledore turned to me.

"His name is Perseus Jackson. Or Riddle, if you wish. His mother is Sally." He paused. "It is quite a sad story. You see, Tom Riddle had a wife, Laura, before he started killing half-bloods and muggle-borns.

"When Laura saw what he did, she left, disgusted, and flew to America where she met Jim Jackson. They got married, and he adopted her daughter, Sally, as his own. But the two of them died in a plane crash when Sally was five.

"And now, several years later, Sally had a son with great magical potensial. His father is unknown. We have to get Percy to come to Hogwarts to prevent Voldemort from finding out about him and recruiting him as a deatheater."

I frowned. "How do we know that Voldemort hasn't already recruited him, Professor?"

"We don't, Harry." Hermione answered for the Headmaster. "But we can go to America and see how he is. He might be the kindest, most heroic person in the world for all we know." When Hermione finished talking, Ron snorted.

"Anyone related to You know Who is very evil." He stated and I found myself agreeing with him.

"Harry, Ron, you don't know that..." Hermione gasped, but before she could further scold us, Dumbledore interrupted. "He and his mother are currently live in New York. 8 o' clock tonight, we are apparating to their apartment."

"Won't they be getting ready for bed?" Ron asked but Hermione shook her head. "The world has time zones each seperated by an hour. We are five hours ahead of New York." Always the bookworm.

"So we'll get there 3 o' clock?" Hermione laughed. "Wonderful Ronald, you figured it out."

Professor Dumbledore smiled at the two friends before he spoke yet again. "Harry, Ron, Hermione, you three will be coming to New York with Remus, Sirius and I. " I sighed. Great. I was going to be one of the first to meet the deatheater.

"Harry!" Hermione screeched. Sirius was struggling not to laugh. My face felt hot. "Did I say that out loud?" I asked. Lupin smiled. "You did. Now get some rest before the journey."

"Oh, Harry." Professor Dumbledore said. "Do not judge Perseus before you get to know him."
"See you in three weeks, Wise Girl." I told Annabeth through the Iris Message. "You as well, Seaweed Brain." She replied, smiling. I returned the smile and swiped my hand through the mist.

Everything was going great. Starting tonight, my mom, Paul and I were going to Montauk for three weeks. And while we were there, I was going to visit Tyson in the forges. Then, Annabeth and I were going to New Rome to start college.

Life was perfect.

I entered the sitting room and sat on the couch. As I turned on the tv, a knock sounded on the door. I frowned. It couldn't be Paul. He wouldn't have knocked and he was going to arrive home at four.

I went over and opened the door. What I saw nearly made me burst out laughing. In the door stood a man that could be Gandalf's twin. Behind him, was a scrawnier, shorter, paler version of me.

There seemed to be a gothic adult standing next to a brown haired man whom I realized what was a werewolf. A bushy haired girl and a redhaired boy stood at the back.

And all three adults were wearing funny robes - cloaks - doesn't matter.

"Excuse me," Gandalf's twin said. "Is this where Perseus Jackson lives?" My hand drifted to my pocket as I nodded. "That's me." "May we enter?" Gandalf asked again. I nodded. "And it's Percy."

The party of six entered my mother's apartment. Gandalf and the adults sat on the couch while the three young ones sat on the floor and observed their surroundings.

"Percy?" My mother asked, entering the sitting room with a newly baked batch of blue cookies. "Guests." I replied and gestured to the unusual group.

My mother smiled. "I'm Sally Jackson. Would any of you like anything to drink? You are welcome to take some of the cookies, if you like." The redhead smiled and reached out for a cookie when mini-me slapped his hand away, shooting him a glare.

Then he glared at me. As if he wanted to murder me. I frowned. What did I ever do to the guy? "So, Sally, Percy, we are here about your father - Percy's grandfather."

I sighed in relief. They were referring to Jim Jackson, not to Kronos who had tried taking over the world.

"What about him?" I asked cheerfully. Gandalf sighed. "He's a powerful and deadly wizard trying to take over the world for his own benefit."

Oh no. Another evil grandpa. Suddenly I got the feeling I would not be going to Montauk tonight.
How was it? I hope you enjoyed it (:

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