How He Comforts You

Niall: Niall knows that light touching works wonders, these physical touches are so small that they don’t seem overly affectionate. If you’re holding hands, he will use his thumb to rub small circles on the back of your hand. Placing one hand on the small of your back he can gently hold you against him this way. He also tries stroking your hair, knowing that it’s something that calms you down.

Liam: He distracts you. He will speak in a low, soft voice to turn your attention away from whatever is upsetting you. Getting you to just talk to him is a breakthrough but sometimes a conversation is impossible, especially if you’re crying. Even if you don’t respond, he will keep murmuring reassurances in your ear.

Zayn: He has incredible patience. If you’re openly sobbing, he understands that it may take you a while to cry yourself out. He stays quiet until you’ve calmed down before he starts to do anything in his power to make you feel better.

Harry: He hugs you as he knows that hugging you works in any situation. He’ll find a private place to take you where you can calm down. He pulls you against him, firm but gentle, rocking you slowly to try and soothe you.

Louis: He simply asks you what’s wrong. If you don’t want to tell him, he isn’t happy that you’re not telling him, but he won’t pressure you. He likes to have a clear knowing of what’s wrong so he can go about the right way of comforting you.

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