Chapter One

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My name is Kenneth Thomas, I am the Village Doctor, and if you are reading this book, then I must be on my death bed or have died. I have asked my friends to not stop my death. My life was to begin and end the normal, human way, and unlike my friends, the ending is an option for me.

Alas… I am getting ahead of myself. The year was nineteen seventy one, a young, strong, Mother-to-be, was brought into the hospital where I worked. She was in labor, and all was normal, although her pain tolerance was less than most. She complained of pain in the oddest of places. Her name was Sheila De'Agan, she was a natural beauty. Her husband was astray, and she was in full labor when she arrived. She begged for only a nurse and me to be in the room. My wife was working that night, she agreed to assist me.

Sheila explained that the father was a Vampire. Well…you can imagine how ridiculous we both thought it was, we could not believe such a thing, but to keep her calm, we fulfilled her wishes. The closer she was to delivering the child, the more pale she became, it was as if she was bleeding to death, without shedding a drop.

 I had to perform an emergency Cesarean section. I explained this to Sheila, and before she would let me put her under, she made my wife and I agree to care for her child, if she were to die. We agreed…we had no choice; I had to take the baby in order to save her life.

We put her under, now a needle was no problem, he skin was normal everywhere, but the amniotic sac was impossible to break through.  I could not cut through it with anything less then a Sternal saw. My wife watched in shock as I finally broke through, and I remove the child from her Mother's womb. I do not exaggerate when I say this… and for those who have a weak stomach, please stop reading.

As I pulled this little girl from her Mothers womb', my wife began screaming, I looked around thinking the worse. That the Father had found the Mother and had a gun, this has happened before. My wife was backed to the wall pointing at the child in my hand.

The child had her Mother's liver in her mouth. The beautiful, Miss Sheila De'Agan, was no more. My wife in fear looked onto the body of a bloodless Mother, she slid down the wall and began crying, my heart went to her, but I still had a new life in my hands.

I pulled the liver out of the child's mouth and quickly washed her down. Normally I would pass the child to the attending nurse, but in this situation, I had to clean and check the child's vitals myself. 

“What do we do?” my wife whispered.

I looked down at the beautiful child and explained, “We raise her right, and she will learn that she is her Mother's child. She is half human; we will raise her as a full human.”

“You have got to be joking! We need to kill it, kill it now!” she shouted.

“We promised her,” I shouted in a low whisper, while pointing to Sheila's body. “She knew what was happening, and this child was worth giving up her own life, she knew she was dying and still asked us to raise her child. We are not murderers,” I grumbled.

“There is no such thing as Vampires; we have no idea what this child is!”

“Then we'll find out, the child is part of her. If you are so against this, than you kill the child, when I look in her eyes, I see life, and that is what I do…what we do, we save lives! By God woman, we couldn't save her, now you’re willing to kill what she gave her life for?”

“What are we to do, bring home livers each day? What happens when we run out? Kenneth you’re not thinking straight! We cannot keep this child, how would we sleep at night knowing that a killer is among us, and that we raised it!”

I finished wrapping the child and turned to my wife. “Hold the child, and allow me to examine the body. If you are right, then we will have no choice. If… and only if there is no way that we can safely care for this child…I will personally kill it.”

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