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1. Middle name
➡ Letter O

2. Favorite school subject
➡ Math & Science

3. Favorite drink
➡ Winter Melon Tea

4. Favorite food
➡ Pasta and all kinds of dessert

5. Last thing I bought
➡ Sparkling magazine

6. Favorite book all the time
➡ All of my wattpad books XD

7. Any pets?
➡ 2 dogs

8. Favorite holiday?
➡ Halloween

9. Are you married?
➡ I am married to 7 guys

10. Been out of country how many times?
➡ Not yet but planning to

11. Other language?
➡ English, Filipino, and a little bit korean (too lazy to learn diff languages)

12. Any siblings?
➡ 1 older sister and 1 younger sister

13. Favorite shop?

14. Favorite restaurant?
➡ Kenny Rogers

15. That time I cried
When me and my bestfriends are fighting through chat XD

16. Favorite blog?
➡ Definitely none

17. Favorite movie?
➡ All horror movies ♥

18. Favorite TV show
Korean Variety shows

19. PC or Mac?

20. Type of phone?
Sony and Samsung

21. How tall?
5'5 omfg I'm so short

22. Can I cook?
No. Just ask Kim Seokjin not me

23. Gay, Bi or straight?

24. Girly or Tomboyish?
Tomboyish but fangirls a lot

25. Ever want to travel? Where to?
Tokyo, Japan

26. Are you into Kpop?
10000000000% into it

27. Are you well-known in your class or not at all?
Well-known for being innocent but not at all hahaha

28. First wattpad book you've read?
Finding Cinderella by Raindrops

29. Extroverted or Introverted?

30. Are you in a fandom?
➡ Yes (too many to mention)

31. Would you like to tag anyone?
➡ Random tagging! It's up to you if you want to make one

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Most of you are ikonics hahahaha ♥

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