1 - Forgive and Forget

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Forgive and Forget

Angrily, I fold the blanket on our coach and then walk over to the kitchen table to carry the plates and the cooked food into the kitchen. Lately, Louis was barely home for dinner because of work and I was completely fine with that. I had my music and TV show so I found a way to enjoy the lonely hours until Louis came back from work. But today, he came home late! Very late than usual. How could he not come home early today?

Today is our 1-year-anniversary and Louis simply did not come even though we talked about how I would cook dinner for us and he would come home early! This morning he didn't even say anything about our anniversary. He just cuddled with me for 5 minutes until he had to get up. No word, though. Louis just stood up, got dressed, gave me a kiss and left. Simple as that. He didn't even bother saying "I love you, Y/N"

Louis friggin left without a word and it left me annoyed.

I walked into the bedroom and change into some shorts and a shirt of Louis which I always wear for the night because it smells like him. It is still kind of early, 9pm but I'm really tired and there's no point of waiting for Louis to come home since he obviously forgot that it is our anniversary.

My eyes falling shut every few seconds and I feel my eyelids getting heavy so I put the book away I was reading. I turned on the lamp on the nightstand and started to sleep. Another lonely night because Louis is working even though I would not be surprised if he is doing something else right now.

"Y/N? I'm home!" Louis calls through the flat and I hear him taking his shoes off and running through the rooms. "Y/N?"

"Leave your shoes in the corridor. I don't want the dirt everywhere that you carry inside!" I yell back, turning around and facing the windows so when he walks into the bedroom, he only sees my back.

"Oh, dinner looks delicious, love." Louis says and still, he didn't come inside to give me a hello-kiss, no nothing. I hear the sound of the microwave and I want to laugh and cry. Laugh because it is so ridiculous that he hasn't said a single word to me about our anniversary and cry because he completely forgot all about it.

"Tastes delicious too!" Louis said, surprised and I feel his voice closer so I peek over my shoulder and see Louis standing in the door frame, eating our supposed to be 1-year-anniversary dinner with a small smile on his lips.

"Are you already gonna go to sleep?" Louis asked on his way back to the kitchen to continue eating. I turn around and pulling the blanket higher, up to my chin. After a few minutes, he came back into our bedroom and I see him taking off his trousers and his shirt, attempting to climb into bed but I roll over and stretch my legs out, giving him no space. Childish, I know.

"Sleep on the couch." I said shortly and annoyed. Louis chuckles and climbs into bed, though.

"Babe, I had a really rough day."

"Oh you had?" I ask and sit up, pulling my legs away from him, not wanting to go near him. Louis nods pouting innocently. "Well, go sleep on the couch." I replied.

"Is something wrong?" He asked, raising up his eyebrows.

"You don't have a feeling like you forgot anything? Anything important to me, maybe?"

"Uhh...well now I feel like I had to remember something." he said, scratching his head.

"Did you like your food, hm?" I snapped and Louis silently nods. "Cool, I'm just gonna remind you that this was supposed to be our anniversary dinner but hey, it's okay. I had a great evening, all alone. That's exactly how I wanted it to be, Louis."

"Shoot...that was today?"

"Do I have to repeat myself again? Yes, Louis. It was today! And you came home late again. You didn't even bother to really say hello to me or goodbye this morning. Remember? You just stood up without a word and left."

"We cuddled.." he said trailing off.

"Great, yeah. Really freaking great." I say sarcastically and chuckled.

"I'm sorry baby. Hey, I was just busy and completely drowned in work. I'm sorry Y/N, please." Louis said as he crawls up to me.

"Wow, Louis. I feel so much better now because you are sorry. I'm completely okay with you forgetting me because you are sorry, Louis. It's fine that you ditched me!" I said, my voice getting louder at the last part.

"Why are you making such a drama out of this?" He says, matching my loud voice.

"Because it's our relationship. Our relationship. Not only mine. I'm not the only one who has to work on this, okay? You are a part of this, too and you have to work for this, too. I work too, you know? Still, I find some time for you because I love you, Louis!" I scream at him and I ball my fists because of anger.

"I do know when we got together, Y/N." Louis says quieter and puts his hands on my wrists to keep my fists down. "November 14th, 2014. I just...I didn't know it was today. I was somewhere else with my mind, Y/N but I've gotten you a gift. I bought it when...well, I immediately thought of our anniversary coming up. It slipped out of my mind, though. I didn't forget you, baby." Louis says and I still threw glares at him as if looks could kill.

I know he is sorry and it's great that he got me a gift but it doesn't change the fact that he ditched me.

"You wanna see it? It's not wrapped up but it's in a jewel case, though." Louis says and leans over the edge to open a drawer on his nightstand. A burgundy, long jewel case is revealed and he hands in to me. Sighing, I open it slowly and see a silver necklace with the letter 'L' and a little heart as two seperate pendants.

"It looks beautiful." I breathed out.

"Do you want me to put it on for you?"

"Louis, don't..." I say warningly but he doesn't listen and climbs behind me so I'm sitting between his long legs. He takes the necklace from my hands and puts it around my neck. The metal is cold against my skin, a huge contrast to Louis's warm fingers. His fingers trail over my shoulder blades and I can feel something dampish on my shoulder.

Louis leaves a few kisses on my right shoulder, his arms wrapping around me from behind so my back is pressed against his hard chest.

"Will you forgive me, baby?" Louis asks as he rests his chin on my shoulder, his hair tickling my ear and cheek.

"Yes, but I'm still kind of mad at you." I said and my hands play with his long fingers. "Don't do that ever again. It really hurt me to be honest."

"All right, Y/N. Does it mean I can sleep here and cuddle with you? Please, I really wanna snuggle with you." Louis begs and I turn my head a bit to look at him. He has his eyes closed, the stubbles on his chin are scratching the skin of my shoulder slightly.

"No." I said teasingly. "But why? You do know that not cuddling with you is a nightmare for me." he said in a pout. And he lifts his head from my shoulder to look at me. "Yeah, I know. I just wanted to see your reaction."

"So is that a yes?" he asks and I silently nod. Louis tightens his arms around me before he jumps around slightly, getting under the blanket and pats the space next to him. I lie down beside him and he immediately wraps his arms and legs around my body. I laugh, wiggling a bit to still have enough space to move. He snuggles his head closer to my neck and I could feel his soft breaths fanning my neck.

"You're an idiot, Louis." I mumble and I hear Louis making an agreeing noise. "I love you, though." I added.

"I love you too, baby." Louis mumbles sleepy and presses a kiss to my head. And together, we fell asleep peacefully with just the sound of Louis's snores.

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