DONGHYUK ~ Secret admirer

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➡ F/N - your friend's name
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"Wow, you have so many suitors especially that tomorrow is Valentines day. And their population is increasing. Even though they already know that you have a boyfriend." I teasingly said. She just put the love letters inside her bag.

"I'm not really fund of it. And I'm not into them. Cause I only love my boo. When will you have a bf ______?" I just sighed.

"What kind of question is that? No one likes me. And I like no one too." I answered as we turned right at the hallway, heading to the locker room.

"Sis, maybe there's someone out there who likes you too. Or maybe Donghyuk likes you." I covered my mouth to disguise my laugh.

"How can that be possible huh F/N? We're not even close. And a hearthrob like him would like me? Next joke please." After some few meters, we're already here at the lockers room. I kept laughing and laughing after F/N said that joke.

"You're insane _____. Nothings impossible remember." I just opened my locker and chuckled.

"What the... heck is this?" I grabbed the red envelope that I saw inside my locker. I checked around it and saw nothing but my name.

"Holy jelly, that's a love letter! omg omg omg open it _____!" She shouted at my face. Geez, this girl is overreacting.

"It's not a love letter! Don't assume that I'll receive a letter this Valentines."

"Just open it! I'm sure that's from your secret admirer omg." And now she's doing facepalm. OA.

I ripped the envelope and saw a folded paper. I opened it and I realized that it is a letter.

"See? I told ya. Read it!" She shouted again. I don't know but I am nervous.

The letter says,

Hi ______. Do you have a clue who is this? I bet none hahaha. Actually... you know me, and I know you. I am always looking at you from afar. I'm already happy seeing you smiling. If you want to know or see me, just meet me up at the open field beside the tree. See you tomorrow Valentines! ;)
- Your handsome admirer

"I know who is he!" F/N said after we read the letter. I cannot even move a finger.

"Then... w-who?" I utterly said. She breathe deeply first before she speak again,

"It's Donghyuk." I don't know if I will laugh again or just stand here and wait for a miracle that this ain't true.

"How many times do I need to tell you that he doesn't like me?" I muttered.

"What if? What if I'm right?" I sat down with my palms on my face. I hate overthingking about something. Now I am stucked between what and how.

"______, if you want to know the answers about those questions bugging inside your head, just see him tomorrow at the field." She said, patting my back, trying to comfort me.

Maybe I really need to...


"You're gonna leave me here? No please!" I begged F/N. I even held her arms.

"It's only you that Donghyuk wants to see. Don't drag me here okay. I'll just go 'n hide there." F/N already jogged away. My whole legs is shaking. I've never been so nervous like this. I'm not really expecting that it was Donghyuk who gave me that letter. Clearly IMPOSSIBLE.

"Hey ______." I surprisingly hopped. I slowly turned around. Like I'm in a slowmo moment.

"I never thought you'll go here. By the way, Happy Valentines." He handed me flowers and a cute fluffy teddy bear.

"A-Are you the one who gave me the le-letter?" Stuttering, I motion where he is standing. I can feel something unexplained.

"Yes I am. Kim Donghyuk. The guy who just sneaked to your locker just to put that letter inside." He is smiling and at the same time smirking.


"Still can't believe? Well, I can't believe I would feel this kind of feeling for you either. I guess." He chuckled. But I'm just here, standing and melting.

"Thanks for these. I think... these flowers and this bear is quite expensive." Changing the topic. I really feel shy right now.

"My love for you is expensive more than that. So that's nothing." He smiled while making a heart sign using his hands. I need to call 911 and ask for help.


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