Chapter #35: The End of the Old Beginning



My lips parted as Evan walked his bold walk in front of me. My pathetic legs followed him, and I couldn't help but heave, desperate for the air that escaped my lungs. What were the odds of him walking in front of me just as Cedric's loud sport car drove just down the street?

Evan stopped in his tracks and turned around, glancing at me. It was so odd to stare at a human so beautiful, more beautiful than when he was my own. It was like as though he looked even more attractive when he left me. I ached in sadness, the sadness that never left me for the entirety of these days that Evan left.

"Evan," I whispered, and he turned around swiftly, looking at me impatiently. "Hi."

He licked his lips, pushing his neck forward a bit as if to say 'what do you want'. I rubbed my left arm up and down, struggling to find the right words to say. I was so happy to see him, even though he looked not the slightest bit glad to see me. 

I couldn't help but imagine the first day I had seen him senior year, standing there smoking a cigarette, so handsome, young, athletic and such a player. I could remember how he took such a heavy interest in me, even when I was sucked into a horrible life full of pain and heartbreak.

Evan got me out of it all, and now he was just a stranger standing in front of me, desperate to get away.

"How are you?" I mumbled, and he scoffed, chuckling a sarcastic laugh. He turned on his heels and walked away from me, and I chose to follow him like a lost little puppy.

"Don't even bother Peyton," he spoke and I stopped, nodding.


He whipped around one last time, making me stumble backwards, eyes wide. I hadn't been this close to him in what felt like years. The hair on my body stood, and he grabbed my jaw tightly, his eyes burning through mine.

"Don't fucking talk to me," he seethed.

Every word came out like poison, slow and so deadly.

I flinched as he tugged his hand away. "Okay," I whispered. "If that's what you really want."

I watched his retreating back until he blended in with the rest of the crowd. He was a stranger, just like the rest of them. I held back the tears that were screaming to pour out and adjusted the bottom of my skirt, wiggling to let it rest comfortably on my waist.

As I took a numb step forward, I glanced at the massive building. It still managed to take me by surprise, every time I see it.

I pushed the silver door in front of me, walking into Maverick's haven, my heart heavy against my chest. I was so grateful I was finally employed in such a business, and I hoped my outfit was up to par. It would get my mind off Evan. 

The tight bun was already hurting my scalp, but the pain was a good distraction. I straightened my walk, and tried to emphasise high sophistication, boldness and pure 'I am a business woman' aesthetic. 

"I'm here to see Maverick," I spoke to the pretty lady at the desk. 


"Peyton Hills."

Her face brightened up a bit, and I raised an eyebrow at her surprised facial expression.

"Ahh, you're the new girl! I'm super pumped to train you, Maverick spoke to us about you. Here, follow me," she grinned, and I nodded, offering her a small smile. "I really hope you're ready to work with this company. It's a lot of work, but God, those pay cheques are so worth it!"

It was as if everything fell into slow motion as I followed the lady through the hallways and the bunch of desks and rooms, men and woman. The whole building was rush rush rush, hustle hustle and hustle. Everyone was moving, everyone's voices louder than the other. I was curious to see how I'd fit in, and if I'd get the hang of it. 

As I followed her through multiple corridors, there was one bright, open one. My eyes roamed the white and glass walls and I couldn't mistake the fiery red hair that sat behind one desk, causing my heart to escalate.

It was Veronica.

She had told me she moved, that she was doing great with blondie. I was beyond confused as a white wall blocked my vision of her, and my heels continued to slap against the clean tiles below me.

I didn't know where I stood with Veronica, considering the way she reacted to the abortion. I lost a friendship I cherished, and alongside the heart break of Evan, I felt my heart ache for Veronica.

Maverick spotted me from the other end of the hallway, and gave me an eager smile. His eyes roamed my body, from my heels to my high class, wallet emptying suit. I grinned, jogging up to him, hugging him lightly.

"Thank you for this opportunity. I need to get my head off things- I need to get my entire life off of things."

"I'm a man of second chances."

I blushed sheepishly. "Oh, and I'm sorry I ran off on you the other day. I lost my own self in the crowd. It was a hard night. I'm trying to fix myself. Trying not to be a child anymore."

Maverick shrugged, his demeanour always so nonchalant and warm. "It's okay Peyton. I understand heart break and break ups. And you're far from a child. You've just gone through a lot. That stuff makes someone the way they are."

I smiled. "Thank you."

"So, what happens now?" I mumbled, my stomach suddenly churning. 

"Welcome to a whole new chapter, Pey."



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