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Sorry this sucks but oh well


Summary: Liam and Louis find out there having a baby boy and they go shopping for him.

*pregnant Liam*

Louis and Liam had just found out the sex of the baby Liam was carrying. He was carrying a baby boy and Liam and Louis couldn't be happier. So they decided that they should do a bit of early shopping. They go to the mall and into the first baby store they saw. They go into the boys section of the baby store and they are both overwhelmed by all the adoreable clothes. Louis kept picking out outfit after outfit and pretty soon Liam couldnt hold all of the clothes Louis was throwing at him.

"Louis!" Liam said

"huh babe" Louis said in his own little word

" Louis do you see how many clothes I'm holding you are making me the guy who is knocked up with your kid hold all of these clothes!" Liam said sorta annoyed

"I'm so sorry Li I just caught up in all of these clothes why don't we just pay for these and go get some frozen yogert." Louis said

Louis took all of the clothes Liam had and took them all and went up to the register to pay. Liam followed behind Louis as he paid. Louis then grabed the bags and grabed Liams hand then they walked over to the frozen yogert stand.