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Summary: Harry just found out he is pregnat and is about to tell his fiancé of 5 months Louis about his pregnancy.*Pregnant Harry*

Harry had been feeling ill now for about 2 weeks he would wake up every moring and throw up the contents of last nights meal. He really didn't know what had been happening to him but he had came to the conclusion that he should go to the doctors. So he got his phone and called up his doctor and got an appointment for later that day. Louis was still asleep he hadn't known that Harry had been throwing up. So as Louis slept Harry went into the living room and sat down on the couch. He sat and thought about what could be wrong with him maybe he had a stomach flu maybe he was just really tired or maybe he was pregnant. The last thought made him laugh but for godsakes he was a guy he was NOT pregnat. He decided he should get ready for his appointment so he walked upstaires and saw Louis peacefully sleeping in there room. Harry went into the bathroom conected to their room and took a shower. After his shower he brushed his teeth and got ready. When he was about to leave Louis had just woke up and Harry had told him he had a doctors apointment. Louis was a bit concered and wanted to come with him but Harry said he would rather go alone Louis hesentinly agreed. Harry kissed Louis before he left than Harry was on his way.

~At the doctors office~

Harry waited in the waiting room for his name to be called when it was finaly called Harry got up nervously and and followed the nurse. The nurse took his height/weight, blood pressure, and his blood. He waited for the doctor to come back for some news. Eventually there was a knock at the door it was the doctor. The doctor came in with a weird look on his face and sat down in the chair beside Harry. "Well Harry we know what is wrong with you." the doctor said

"Well what is it?"Harry said playing with gis thumbs

"Well Harry your pregnant!" the doctor said calmly as he looked at his charts.

"What no I'm not pregnant stop this is a joke!" Harry said particaly in tears

"Mr. Styles I'm not joking I can give you an ultrasound so you can see with your own eyes."the doctor said

"Uh yea give me an ultrasound." Harry said shaking

"Okay then Harry follow me so we can get you an ultrasound."

Harry got up and followed the doctor to another room so they could do the ultrasound.

"Okay Harry lay down and lift up your shirt if you don't mind." the doctor said

Harry did as he was told as the doctor put the gel on his stomach and moved the wand around his stomach until he saw it he found the baby.

"That right there is your baby Harry." The doctor said

"So I'm actually pregnant this isn't fake me and Louis are gonna be daddies!"

"No its not fake and Harry would you like an ultrasound picture of your 1 month ultrasound." The doctor said

"Uh yea." Harry said still in shock

The doctor came back with a picture and told Harry to make be careful take the vitamans he perscribed and to make an appointment out front. ~Back at there home~

Harry had just found out he was a month pregnat and didn't know how to tell Louis. Harry walked threw the front door and sae Louis sitting on the couch watching some pointless show. Harry walked over to the couch and sat down then laid his head on his shoulder.

"What did the doctor say babe?" Louis asked

That was enough for Harry to get up and cry. He walked into his and Louis shared bedroom and broke down. Louis immeditly went after him.