Nate and I swiftly descended the stairs and as we drew closer to the kitchen I heard... nothing.

Odd, for two people who were yelling over a blazing fire moments ago.

Nate and I looked at each other, passing through the same message of wariness as we came to the large white swing doors.

I heard light whispering, shuffling back and forth, occasionally mentioning my name, 'don’t mention...', and 'how could they not...'

Don’t mention what?

Who is they?

Simultaneously, Nate and I leaned our ears harder against the door- trying to get a better hearing on the conversation. But in doing so, the swinging doors swung open, causing Nate and to lose our balance, falling forward, and sprawled out on the kitchen floor.

My face planted on the cold marble floor while Nate was laying across my back- face down.

“Didn’t we tell you kids not to do anything we wouldn’t do?” Aislin asked from above somewhere.

“Honey, we've done exactly that.” Nate’s dad cut in.

I moved my face with a groan- looking up- and found Nate’s parents both sitting on the island counter top, sitting crisscrossed facing each other, but now with their heads turned down towards us in amusement.

“Except...” Nate’s dad paused to look at his wife then down towards us again. “back in the day we used to face each other. Crazy kids these days.” he shook his head, giving us a confused look.

“Oh stop it Chace! Look at their faces right now; the picture of mortification.” Aislin mused as she rested he chin on top of her closed fist, her elbow resting on her knee.

“Get off.” I finally managed to huff out, the air quickly being pushed out of my lungs.

Nate seemed to move faster than I thought possible; one moment from lying face down on the floor than goes to me being cradled in his lap- Nate’s eyes raking over my body with a calculating look.

“I'm fine. Sore, but nothing that wont go away with a painkiller. Really.” I gave him a reassuring look to contradict his skeptical one.

“Nate- think fast.” came Nate’s mom's voice from above.

Nate’s head snapped up quickly and after a blink of an eye I saw Nate’s hand directly in front of his face, his fingers tightly curled around a bottle of Advil.

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