Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 

It's Christmas break! I'm so excited! I couldn't stop jumping around on the first day of Christmas break. Uncle Moony said I could stay for Christmas but I didn't want to leave him at home by himself, so I went home anyways. Also I didn't want to do research during the holiday so Hermione can take that and butter her toast! Oh, guess what!? I wrote to Uncle Padfoot and Dumbledore took the letter to him himself! Only, when he came back he had a reply from Uncle Padfoot but sent it to Uncle Moony. I thought pouting. I wanted to read it. I got on the train with Hermione and we talked until we got to Kings Cross. We said good bye and parted ways. I found Uncle Moony standing near one of the fireplaces and ran after him and hugged him. He hugged me back chuckling. "I have a feeling that the reason you wanted to come home is because of what Dumbledore gave me." I nodded and grinned up at him. 

"That and I didn't want you to be by yourself on Christmas." He smiled and ruffled my hair. I glared up at him.  

"I'm sorry, I keep forgetting." He said sincerely. I grinned. 

"It's okay." He nodded. 

"Well, let's get going and you can read it." 

"Yay!" He smiled and we used Floo Powder to get back to the house. When we were at the house, Uncle Moony went into the kitchen and started going through drawers and I followed him eagerly. 

"Now I know I put it here somewhere." He muttered. I laughed. 

"You're really smart, Uncle Moony, but you're terrible at keeping things organized." He chuckled. 

"That's true, but at least I keep the house clean." I gasped. 

"I clean my room and after myself." I said pouting. He smiled. 

"Ah, here it is." He said pulling it out of a random drawer. "I didn't read it, so here you go." I took the letter, hugged him, and ran to my room. I heard him chuckle as I disappeared out of the kitchen. Once I was in my room, I jumped on my bed and tore open the letter. 


I appreciate you writing to me. It makes happy to have someone to talk to who isn't out of their minds and aren't the guards. Dumbledore brought me your letter and I'm happy to know that you're finally with your brother again. Dumbledore tells me he doesn't know about me yet and says he has a good reason why. It saddens me. Thank you for believing I'm innocent. Dumbledore said he'd deliver me any letter you want to write to me and said that all you have to do is take it to him. I'd love to hear more about your school year and I'm terribly sorry for not being there for you and Harry. When or if he ever knows about me, please tell him this for me. Have a good holiday and don't cause too much trouble for Moony. Your Dad and I gave him a lot when we were in school so I don't how much more he can take. Just a fair warning, he usually never gets mad but just watch out, he has a bit of a nasty temper like your Mum did. 

With Love, 

Uncle Padfoot 

I laughed. I immediately started writing back to him and by the time I was finished with it, it was a foot long of parchment. Now if this was an essay, any teacher would be proud. I had so much to say to him. I really miss him. I loved it when he used to play with me and Harry all the time when he was in his Animagus form. I decided to send him some Chocolate Frogs. Now I know what you're thinking. You never share your Chocolate Frogs. I only share them with the people who are important to me. SO TAKE THAT AND BUTTER YOUR TOAST!!! I giggled at the thought. It's a good thing I brought Lazy home. I gave him some owl treats and tied my letter to Sirius, his Chocolate Frogs (I threw in some Licorice Wands for Dumbledore), and a letter explaining to Dumbledore what I wanted done and telling him the Licorice Wands were for him. Oh and I put some wool socks in there with the candy cuz every one knows how much he loves them. "Take this to Professor Dumbledore for me okay?" He hooted and took off out of the window. 

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