Chapter Sixty Seven

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"I got this one here from a Peruvian Viper." Bruno said as he pointed out his scars to Charlie. "And this one from a Hebridean Black...nasty one he was."

"How'd you get this one?" Charlie asked pointing to longone on the man's shoulder.

"That one is from my father." Bruno answered gruffly.

Charlie grimaced and pulled his hand away. He immediately began to scan the heads of witches and wizards until he found the one he was specifically looking for. Of course, it wasn't hard for either one of them to find each other in a crowd, they're vibrant hair usually allowed them to stick out quite a bit.

"Excuse me, Bruno." he said standing up and leaving hurriedly.

Politely making his way through the other dragon workers, he finally came upon Anora who was talking to a woman in Ministry robes. Anora's face was stern as the woman spoke with her nose stuck in the air and authoritative tone to her voice.

As Charlie approached them, the woman scanned him from head to toe and smirked at him with a flirtatious look in her eye.

"Can I help you, Sir?" she asked him throwing her black hair over her shoulder.

If Anora were actually a dragon in that moment, the woman would have been burned to ashes in one breath. The glare on her face said it all.

"Uh, no. I actually found who I was looking for."

Before the woman could reply he turned to Anora.

"Hi." He said smiling at her.

"Hi." she said, her face brightening as she looked to him.

"I need to talk to you about something really important." he told her. "It's about your mother."

Anora raised a brow until she caught on and nodded her head.

"Excuse me Pamela. We have important things to discuss."

The two walked away leaving the Ministry woman and walked outside the pub.

"Who was that?" he asked.

"Pamela Roberts." Even the way Anora said her name Charlie could tell that she didn't like the woman.

"And we hate her because?"

Anora folded her arms. "I didn't hate her until this meeting, total cow, she's being. She was good friends with Greg and Nicola, so of course I'm sure they had all nice things to say about me. Now she's just being a real nargle sucking-"

Charlie quickly covered her mouth with a chuckle. "I get it."

"It amazes me how dragons are better company than some people." Anora said. "I rather be at the sanctuary having Norberta and Roscoe ignoring us. Hell, I rather be in Sultan's territory than have another conversation with Pamela. If she flirts with you again, I'll personally bring Sultan a snack."

He smiled drawing her into a hug. "To be honest I'm ready to get home myself because I'm going to admit this to you and only you...but Bruno is a very scary and intimidating man."

Anora laughed. "Yes, he is. Did he tell about the days where he used to knife fight with his father?"

Charlie shook his head. "No, I was spared those details thankfully. I assume that's the scar he was pointing out to me earlier along the other hundred."

"Yeah, that's Bruno and he's not even the scariest."

"Why do you like coming to these meetings?" Charlie asked her.

She shrugged. "It's always interesting to meet the wide range of characters that come around. Besides didn't you like meeting Bernadette? She's amazing."

"Yeah but...I felt so bad for her...her hand and all."

Anora waved her hand dismissing the thoughts. "She's the one who's always joking that she'll get a hook as a replacement one day. That would be so wicked! Bernie's my hero."

Charlie rubbed his head. "Well, try not to follow in her footsteps please. Looking at everyone here covered in scars is not the most comforting for me."

"Aww come on, Charlie you won't get scarred-"

"I'm not so concerned about myself...just with you."

She rested her hands on her hips. "Charlie Weasley, you don't have to worry about me."

"Anora Forney we work with dragons and I love you very much, I'm going to worry about you whether you like it or not. So..." he poked her forehead. "Deal with it."

"I've lasted this long just fine."

"Keep it that way." he drew her into him and kissed her forehead.

Roscoe grumbled at the worker that approached him and Norberta with their meals the next day. The colorful man accompanied them eyeing the two dragons carefully.

"It seems they are rather upset since Anora and Charlie left." he pointed out. "Interesting. Very interesting."

Norberta's tail whipped back and forth glaring at the colorful man. He was as loud as his clothes and Norberta hated that. Her tail covered over her eyes as she tried to pretend the man didn't exist.

Roscoe copied her using his wing to create almost a shield over him.

"What are they doing?" the worker asked looking to Magnus.

"Isn't it obvious?"


"They're playing Hide and Seek." Magnus said excitedly. "Let's go hide."

The man ran off leaving the worker completely confused.


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