Surviving the Gregory Brothers

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I know i know, There are a lot of stories like this one, but i hope to make it an original, using my own ideas and twists. This story was inspired by "Surviving the Anderson Brothers" a very good story, and one of my favorites. But this is a different story, different background on the girl, so i hope you fine it enjoyable!


 I groaned and looked up.

Great. Another pleasant day at Hope Cottage Orphanage. I metantally scoffed at the thought. I sat up and glanced at my younger sister and brother and sighed. If it weren't for my parents carelessness, we wouldn't be here. I sighed deeply, and pulled out my old beat up phone. Today was the 21st of January, the night my parents died. I felt a cold hated tear fall down my cheek and stab of pain fluroushed in my heart. I died it down so i would not have another emotional breakdown.

I put my phone to charge, and got up ready to droop through another day of not being adopted into another family. Everyone loved my little sister Leah, but she never wanted to be separated from me, being a pure little six year old. And my brother Tony, was the same, only he was nine and remembered our parents, and despite what they did to us, he still loved the memory of them. I have been almost adopted many times, but the thought of being away from my sibling broke my heart, and during every interview with the loving couple, I would scream and say "NEVER" and run out of the room, leaving a cold and awkward trail behind me.

Offcourse, I never cared. As soon as I would turn 18, I would get out of this hell hole, get a job, and take my family with me. Right now, I am only 16, so I have to be patient. For Leah and Tony.

I quietly got dressed, and walked over to the window and stared outside. It was beaitful, the sun gleaming sending the white blanketed snow in shimmer. I smiled thoughfully as I imagined Leah and Tony playing in the snow later on in the day as they always loved.

"Char!" I lookeddown to see Tony clasping my hand with his little one. "im hungry."

"okay little one, we will go down soon, go change. I will wake up Leah." i replied soothingly gesturing him to the great dark cheasnut chest that held our clothing.

"Okay!" and he skipped off to change.

I walked over to Leah's bed and sat down. She was sleeping peacefully. I gently nudged her side, and felt her nustle around. Then I reached under her chin and started to tickle her, she giggled and cringed away from my touch with her eyes still glued shut. "Oh you stubborn child!" I chuckled at her, and began to tickle her sides. She opened her eyes and began to laugh and squeel ridiculusly.

"Char!!! please!! Stop!!! Im up!! Im up!!!" she huphed between bursts of laughter. "No more!!!"

I stopped pleased with myself, and smiled triumphantly at her. She beamed at me, and gave me a big slobery kiss on the cheek. "Morn' Charwotte." she said with a bit of a lispt.

"Morning Lee. Now go get dressed, I bet Tony is ready for action and your not!" i said getting up.

She opened her mouth widely into a big O, and darted off to get changed.

"I'm ready Charlotte!!!" they both squeeled.

"Okay, lets go eat! Where do you want to eat today?" i questioned them both.

They looked at each other, and but their hand on their chin and stood there looking like little philosophers. Then at the exact moment, they both yelled and started to jump up and down yelling, "PANCAKE HOUSE!!! PANCAKE HOUSE!!!"

"Thats where you want to eat everyday!" i accused them both looking stern.

As if they didn't notice me, they hopped off to the door opening it. In this cottage for orphans, we each had a room for two to three children each, like a little appartment. With one large room with beds and a closet or chest, a smaller open room with a couch and small t.v., a bathroom with a shower, and a small kitchen. it was very small, but atleast we had something. I recieved money also from the government because of my parents foolishness, so I could afford our own food and little treats.

The Pancake House was a small little cafe that knew us so well already, that they premake our foods before we even come in, so that when we sit down, they bring our food right away. I loved this, so that we could save time, and so that Leah and Tony wouldn't throw a fit over not getting fed. They each got blueberry pancakes with syrup and whipped cream, and a glass of milk. I got a latte and french toast with strawberries.

It was also very close, so we were allowed to go to the cafe. Allowed by, none other than, Ms. Peppers. She was a meanest, and cruelest women I have ever met, next to my mother. She hated giving us outside privleges, but had too because Mrs. Sweetdykes yelled at her after I complained that we hadn't eaten all day, and Leah and Tony wouldn't eat at the Orphanage cafeteria. Mrs. Sweetdykes, was the kindest women, with a heart of gold for children. She managed our orphanage and personally, knew me very well after being here for five years now. She allowed me to take Tony and Leah to the waterpark last summer if I payed for it. She always worried about me and that I would end up defending my ass rather than doing something right. I guess she had a right to worry, because if I accidentally let my ego get before my morals, I will slip and end up hurting someone.

 I had been taking martial arts at a studio near by. The Sensei had been giving me private lessons, for a discount knowing my situation. He was like a true father to me. Always would teach me right from wrong.

Since it is winter right now, we go to school on a bus from 9 am to 4 pm, with a 20 min lunch break. Leah was in kindergarten and Tony went to a different part of the school because they were in primary school. I was in tertiary school, and i do fairly well in school with B's and A's. After school, I take Leah to dance, Tony to basketball, and I go to Sensei Marshal's private training every other day. All the studios as in the same region, for an hour, at approximately the same time. Leah stays and draws at her dance studio for half an hour so that I can change, pickup Tony, and then collect Leah from her dance teacher who loves to have her after class; Mrs. Belle, and also her cousin sometimes babysits Tony and Leah when I need to go somewhere.

I am very greatfull for them.

I was hand in hand with Leah and Tony walking back to the Orphanage about ten minutes away listening to Leah chat happily about what she learned and did in class. I smiled, and them, and took them to dinner at Philly's Steak and BBQ right next to the orphanage, and ordered their meals. Right now it was 6. 30 pm, so we wasted a pretty heafty amount of time. When we get back, they need to wash up and do homework. It was a thursday night, and tomorrow we were going sleding after school like I had promised. We ate our meals and returned around 7.30 pm, earning a glare from Ms. Peppers over her spectacles. I signed back in, and she stamped it. We scurried off to our room.

Leah and Tony took turn taking a bath and doing homework. Tony went first, because Leah had the least homework. Then I helped Leah in a bath, and went to go help Tony with his homework, and listened to Leah play in her bath.

She squeeled for me to get her out, and I dried her off, and sent her to bed. Tony was finishing up his homework, so I too, took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. Tony was changed into his pajamas drinking a glass of water.

"Go to bed honey. Tomorrow it friday!" I whispered.

"Why did mommy and daddy leave us and then died?" He looked at me woefully.

"I don't know buddy, i don't know. Now go to bed."

"Okay, good night Charlotte. love you." I pecked him on the forehead, and pushed him to his bed. I stayed up doing my own homework for another two hours, then finally went to bed at 11 pm.

That was a long day.


Guys this is my first book!!!

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