Troubleshooting Chapter (read if you're having trouble viewing chapters)

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This chapter is designed to help if you're experiencing problems viewing the chapters. This involves:

- not being able to see new updates

-only being able to view the first few lines of new chapter

- seeing old chapters

- seeing nothing at all

Wattpad are aware of these problems, and their developers are currently working on finding fixes.

However you can fix the problem yourself following these two straight forward methods.

Firstly you can fix the problem by removing the story from your library and re-adding it.


Log out of your wattpad account, then log back in.

If either of these solutions fail, then you'll need to get in contact with the wattpad help team for further help, however 99% of the time, these methods work, so please try them.


One reader having diffculties using the mobile app found that problems resolved after following this method:

- exit mobile app

- open web browser

- log in to wattpad and view story in browser

- wait few hours

- ?

- PROFIT .... E-err, I mean, now check if the mobile app works*

*Hit that star button if you liked the South Park reference ;)

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