Chapter 4

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Asha's POV

I wake up sweating and panting. It was all a dream I thought I died it was so realistic anyway I gotta get up its time for school. I did my hygiene thing ate and went to school. I walked to my locker and the girls was there.

Me: hey girls what up

Kyky: nothing u ok u don't sound so good

Me: cause I had a dream that I was back to my old self u know the bad ass and my parents disowned me

Mimi: it's ok ur parents won't disown u

Me; whatever u say I'm only good because I made a promise

Bre: we know its for the best that's y I made u promise to be good and no fighting but this bullying thing with the boys are getting out of control. I wish someone could help us

Kyky and asha: well were right here. As soon as u drop the promise we gon me livin good

Bre: I can't allow thy if I do y'all will kill them

???1: kill who

Bre: we were talking about a movie how the killer will kill the white girl cause she will fall on the ground and won't get up

???2: why u gotta lie bitch

Me:(laughing )

???2: the fuck u laughing at bitch

Me: ray stfu I'm laughing at u and roc y'all think y'all hard nigga plz

Kyky: aww shit tell'em girl

???3: stfu

Kyky: bitch stfu I was not talking to ur gay ass. I ain't scared of ur punk rock ass. Ay asha prince is a punk rocker. And te word punk is in it oh yeah only punks like punk rock right prince

Prince: (slapped kyky)

Prod: I guess they learned their lesson today right Mimi

Mimi: (rolls eyes )

Prod: I guess not (punch and slapped Mimi)

Roc: u getting it to for lying bre

He beats her

Ray: asha I'm gonna kill ur ass for talking back

He punched her and kicked her. All the boys was beating the girls and the bell rung. The boys left and the girls headed to the bathroom to clean themselves. Then headed to class. We all have all our classes together even with the boys and the crazy shit is we sit next to them in all our classes.

Teacher: y r y'all late

Bre: we're sorry

Teacher: detention tomorrow with roc ray prince and prod

Me: damn

Teacher: what was that asha

Me: nothing

Teacher: mhm go sit

We sat and the boys smirked at us. Like what the hell is so funny

Teacher: so today I have y'all babies it is like a real one it cries sleep eat and use the bathroom

Mimi: do we get to choose our partners

Teacher: I already chose

Kyky POV

Damn I don't want to be stuck with someone I don't like. I hope I have prince I mean he's cute. I know he bullies me but I just love him all the other girls like their bullies to but idk about asha. She's a iffy person. She can like u then a week later she don't. I gotta learn how to control my feelings like that