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     "Where do you want this, Tori?" Tony wheezes, carrying a small bedside table.
"Next to the chair in there," I say, nodding to the bedroom.
I set the table chairs at the table, looking out for Steve, who carries the box that contains the parts to the guest room bed. The last few things are being put into the apartment, such as the small things. The hours seem to drag on, nonstop work and drowsiness.
     "Done," Tony says, walking out of my bedroom.
     "Yep," I respond, wiping away a trickle of sweat. "Steve is putting the guest bed together. I'm going to help him."
     I step in the guest room, peeking around the door. Steve snaps his head around from his work to smile at me.
     "What can I help with?" I ask him.
     "I don't think that you need to," Steve says. "I'm okay."
     "Too bad," I say, plopping down to the carpet and picking up a metal part.
     The cold metal surface cools my burning fingertips, allowing me to relax from the hard work. Steve reaches for a screw and a nail. Although I have slept well since Steve has been home from his mission, I become tired when I do work like this. I'm just so used to the things I do on missions, not manual labor.
"You okay?" Steve asks me, his eyes full of concern.
I snap out of my trance. "Yeah, I'm okay. Now, what can I help with?"
"Well, help me get the mattress on here." he says, standing up from the floor.
I stand and walk in the direction of the mattress, which is propped against a wall. Steve grabs one side and get the other.
"You know I can do this myself," Steve says.
"I know," I respond. "I just want to help."
"One, two, three!" Steve barks, both sides of the mattress being lifted.
We sidestep to the thing that Steve built and set the mattress on top. He pushes it to the wall, where we planned for it to go.
"Done," Steve says.
"I'll do the finishing touches everywhere later." I state.


Nightmares, the twisted dreams that will forever haunt me.
     I sprint through a H.Y.D.R.A. base, taking out agents as I go. I hide in shadows, my black uniform hiding me well. I hear a deep voice come from a long corridor, commanding someone to do something. It becomes faint, going further down the corridor. I begin to follow it.
     Once I reach the end of it, it widens into a room. I see a man in all black, his pants and bulletproof vest. I reach for my gun, but he speaks.
     "I wouldn't do that if I were you," his throaty voice echoes.
     I didn't notice it before, but there are two unconscious people next to him, leaning against the back wall. One wears his red suit, but the helmet it down, showing his bruised face. Tony's arc reactor dimly glows, causing my hands to tremble. The other one's hood is down, showing his closed black eye and split lip. His tattered red, white, and blue uniform is covered in dirt and blood. Steve's shield is broken in pieces next to him, the star being split down the middle.
     "Get away from them," I demand, trying to swallow my tears.
"Oh sweetheart, they aren't going to live even if I am a thousand miles away from them." the H.Y.D.R.A. agent slurs.
I take a step toward the man, my hands balled into fists. He takes a gun from his pocket, aiming at my heart.
"I also wouldn't move another inch toward me," he roars.
"Get away from them," I hiss.
"Again, they are dead. They don't have much time and no one can save them."
"Get away from them!"
"You really care about these two, don't you?" he sneers. "Now, you'll never see each other again."
"P-Please," I tremble. "I'll do anything."
"Sorry, sweetheart."
"Just kill me!"
I drop to the ground, tears racing down my cheeks. The man stares at me with pleasure, debating on whether or not to do as I ask.
"You're too pretty to just die," he smirks, taking another gun from his other pocket. "These two, they never had a chance. They should've died years ago, especially that one."
He gestures with his shoulder to Steve, whose hand lingers on his abdomen. The white fabric now matches the red from his blood.
"They're lucky," he says. "You, not so much."
I hear a faint, raspy cough. It comes from my brother. His bloodshot eyes look at me with horror, but a sad smile spreads across his lips.
"Hey, sis," Tony weakly smiles.
I cover my mouth with a hand to hide my quivering bottom lip.
"Ah, he is awake," the man growls.
"How are you doing, Tori?" Tony asks me.
"Tony," I croak, crawling toward him.
"Back," the man orders me, putting his finger on the trigger.
I stay in my spot, allowing my silent tears transform into violent sobs. I reach a hand to my brother, but that only made the man angrier.
"Don't move!" he shouts, pointing his guns at Steve and Tony.
"Please, no," I quake.
The man pulls both triggers, a bullet flying into Steve and Tony's heads.

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