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(WARNING: THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, I HAVE DECIDED TO RE-EDIT THE STORY SO PLEASE BE PATIENT AND DON'T JUDGE, I KNOW I AM NOT THE BEST AT SPELLING OR GRAMMAR, BUT I AM FIXING MY MISTAKES!!)Dean always knew something was off about him, especially when he meant Castiel. An angel of the lord, or used to be. There was always something whispering to him. Saying these women aren't what you want but being Dean, he kept ignoring those feelings, kept pretending to be more into women than men. Which he's always wondered what it'd be like to be with a man, but was too afraid to be who is that is until Castiel comes along, Dean and Castiel have a connection. Dean doesn't mind their connection but what will happen when Dean and Castiel share a one night thing? Will Dean keep fighting his urges, pretending nothing happened between the two and move on? But what if new human, Castiel just can't seem to move on from that night? (Picks up after season 8 finale, sorry if I'm spoiling anything!!)

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