Chapter 13

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Author's note: Wow! I was not expecting over 2k reads! Especially with me not asking for reads (With the exception of one person) or broadcasting this story in the forums just yet. You guys are so amazing. If any of you have any constructive critiques  please feel free to comment or message me. I am open minded to any and all types of help :)


I leaned on my forearms over the VIP table and flicked my tongue in and out of my mouth dancing it through the air. I laugh out loud as the women around us squeal and shriek in delight at the round table. "Omg! You have a tongue ring? That is so naughty!" A prissy red head snickered out as she leaned in close to my face to inspect my tongue ring's sliver ball.

She is close. Too damn close. If I wanted to I could lick her pert little nose. Hell I should maybe then she will back the fuck up out of my face.

"Daisy! Read his tongue ring!" The red squealed loudly in my face causing me to flinch back. Soon a pretty blonde pushed forward and was staring down into my face as well. I just raise an eyebrow and leaned into her with an amused filled expression. She laughed and blushed as she reads my ring's message. It had the words "suck it" in the middle of the metal ball. I just gotten the piercing done yesterday. Hell I figured why the hell not.

I actually gotten it done thinking about Eve and how I couldn't wait to test it out on my pussy as soon as her period went off. I get hard with just the thought of tasting Eve's sweet dripping tight cunt again. I smile as I remember when I gotten it done, I sent the picture to Eve.  And as soon as I gotten home that night, she climbed into my lap and demanded to see it. I happily opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and watched her face as she stared down at my piercing.

Eve demanded to know the reason why I would do such a thing. I just laughed and sucked on her neck giving her a hickey in the process. Once I gotten her all hot and bothered, I whispered that I gotten it for her. It was pretty funny to see my caramel beauty jump up out of my lap blushing and rush off to the bathroom. Damn it turned me on whenever she acted so shy and prudish like that. I find it hella cute that she still blushes and acts shy whenever I talk dirty to her or mention anything about sex. Most of the time I am not even trying to be a horn dog whenever I say some dirty ass shit, I just like to see her flustered.

I am quickly snapped out of my thoughts when Daisy, the blonde, lightly touched my tongue ring. I. Know. This. Bitch. Just. Did. Not. Put. Her. Fucking. Finger. In. My. Mouth! Growling, I nip her little finger causing her to scream in shock.

"Damn girl! How you just going to put your hand in somebody's mouth?...Ya nasty!" Jason teased out laughing next to me.

Damn that shit was nasty. I frowned and shifted around in my seat, as I fought the urge to run to the bathroom and gargle salt water...better yet some fucking soap. Jason continued shouting in laughter as he notices me pouting. Daisy just blushed and sat back in her chair staring at me with lust and curiosity. "I couldn't help it." She breathed out breathlessly.

No damn home training. And they have the nerve to talk about the lower class. Fucking savages. I sucked my teeth and glare at Jason. Jason just smiled at me and looked over at Daisy suggestively. I roll my eyes already bored of this whack ass event after party. The Saint Jude's foundation event was pretty lucrative tonight. I wrote a check for two million dollars for children's cancer research. In total tonight, the foundation was able to raise just over sixteen million dollars. I always had a soft spot for these types of nonprofit organizations but more so now because I have a child and I could not imagine my little girl being sick with cancer. Just the thought of her going through something like that brings the contents of my stomach to the back of my throat.

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