Chapter 25

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Previously in Dark and Dangerous Love:

“Help,” Evelyn tried to say, but her throat was dry and raspy, no sound came out.

‘Why are you trying to call for help?’ A voice in the back of Evelyn's voice questioned her. ‘The wolf is going to kill you, isn’t death what you wanted?’

The wolf growled again, and it took all Evelyn had to keep the tears back.

Sure, she had thought of giving up on life and dying plenty of times before as it was the easy escape from her problems, from Zayn, but at that moment; face to face with death.

She realized something.

She didn’t want to die, she wanted to live.

Because if you’re not living then you have no good times to look forward to and you will never find out if things will get better…

Evelyn looked up at the few stars’ lights that glistened through the thick canopy.

‘Help!’ She prayed mentally. ‘Please help me; I don’t want to die, not yet…’

“Evelyn!” A familiar voice called.

Then, like a thief caught red handed, the wolf bolted the opposite direction of the voice.



“Evelyn, you really shouldn’t be out here,” Bree advised nervously as she looked around the empty garden.

Even though there wasn’t a single guard in sight, Bree being Bree was still paranoid that somebody would see them out in the gardens. It was the king’s specific orders to keep Evelyn under castle arrest for at least a week so she could recover properly from the mean case of hyperthermia that she caught the week before.

“Don’t worry, if anyone sees us just tell them that I made you to take me out here, I will take full responsibility for breaking the order, I promise.” Evelyn smiled kindly at Bree as she placed the blanket upon the luscious green grass, a few hundred yards from the dark forest.

The very same mass of trees that Evelyn had gotten herself lost within five days ago.

Evelyn let out a sigh as the memories of the wolf replayed in her head, those piercing blue eyes had haunted her ever since that night.

“There are no wolfs within the Palace grounds,” Evelyn remember Bree’s words when she first gathered the confidence to tell her about the terrifying encounter three days after the incident. “But there are dogs, maybe you saw one of those…”

‘No, it definitely wasn’t a dog, it was a wolf.’ Evelyn reminded herself. ‘Dog’s teeth aren’t that sharp and their eyes aren’t that bright… It defiantly was a wolf.’

“Are you still thinking about that wolf, Evelyn?” Bree asked, and her mistress nodded, but placed her index finger upon the maid’s lips.

“Don’t say it too loud, you’re the only person who I have told about that wolf… nobody else know of it beside from you, and I expect you to keep this secret between us.” Evelyn spoke sternly, her eyes were piercing into Bree’s with a look of fear.

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