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1. When did you start listening to MCR?

I actually have been listening to them since before I could walk, yeah. My sister would play them around the house from 2001 to today, I started to like their songs as I grew up around them but wasn't as into them as I am now until a few years ago but I always loved them.

2. What is your favourite album?

In my opinion The Black Parade is the best album ever made just because of how good the songs are, how some of them, like Teenagers, you want to get up and rock out to and some, like Cancer, are so beautiful they make you want to cry. I love it so much. 

3.What is your least favourite album?

I don't really have one, I love them all dearly but if I had to choose then maybe I would pick Bullets simply because I listen to it the least but I still love it to pieces.

4.Favourite era?

Oh god, I love Black Parade but I also love Danger Days because it's just so fun and colourful but I like Black Parade more, yeah. My favourite is Black Parade.

5.What is the first song you heard by MCR?

As I said before I don't even know when I stared listening to them especially as I only really remember full memories from about 2005 onwards but I do have short memories from before that and I'll have you know that two of my earliest memories are Helena and I'm Not Okay (I promise) but I think the first one I remember is I'm Not Okay (I Promise).

6. What is your favourite MCR song?

I love a hell of a lot of them but I think my favourite is Famous Last Words because it's just amazing!

7.Best Gerard Way hair?

The red hair is icon and I love it but I also love his short-ish black hair from Black Parade era, the one in the Teenagers video.

8.Best Frank Iero hair?

I know this one! Short and blond at the sides but black at the top with a long side fringe.

9. Best Mikey Way hair?

I love all his hair styles |(WHY DO THE WAYS HAVE SUCH AWESOME HAIR??!!!!) But either Revenge era or Danger Days.

10.Favourite thing about being in the MCRmy?

How we all are supportive ad protective of each other and the band, we help each other out with ideas and spread love. And we will defend and love the guys to our deaths. It's just a love thing to be a part of, and I love how all of us Killjoys really can make some noise!

11.Favourite MCR lyric?

Technically it's two line but who cares- "I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone." It's an awesome message and I whole-heartedly believe in it, these words have gotten me through so much and I love them with all my black little heart. I have a t-shirt with this on it and I love it. I always want a tattoo of it one day and I have done since I was 11.

12.What is your favourite thing about the band?

How passionate they were about their music and their fans. They still are just passionate about their new music and they still love their fans just like we love them.

13.Have you seen them live?

Sadly no. My mum always said I was too young and I guess she was right, I mean I was only 9 when Danger Days came out and their concerts looked crazy.

14.Do you believe that Frerard is/was ever real?

I believe there was a spark and they would be adorable together and who knows, they might have been together at one point and if they ever do get together I will support them fully and be happy for them but I believe they truly do love their wives, so I'm happy for them.

15.Favourite music video?

Welcome To The Black Parade because oh my Geesus!

16.Favourite MCR merch?

As I said I never saw them live but my sister did, she went to the Black Parade tour and when I was about to turn 13 she gave me a t-shirt from the tour so I could wear it the day I became a teenager. I love it so fricken' much! It's so awesome!

17.Favourite performance?

The one where Gerard has the pinky-red feather boa and is singing Mama because it's just awesome.

18.Opinion on the band's breakup?

Obviously I'm really sad about it and I wish they didn't need to and I am a wreck all of the week of the 22nd (and most of the month) but I know they needed to do it. I'm glad they didn't try and lie to themselves and make fake music and that they decided to look after their health. I'd much rather their children grew up with fathers than without them just for another year of MCR. I hate it but I understand it and accept it and we still have the music and the memories connected with their songs and we can always make new memories to associate with them.

19. Do you like/listen to the guys' new music?

I listen to Gee's and Frank's and I like it (of course it's no MCR but i's still good) and I haven't really listen to Mikey's but OH GEESUS Ray's songs make me cry.

20.Favourite Killjoy?

Kobra Kid! I love Kobra Kid plus Mikey just went all out and looked like he was having the most fun.

21.If you could ask each member of the band one question what would it be?

Gerard- What inspired you to first write a song?

Mikey- What is your happiest memory?

Frank- If you could have one wish what would it be?

Ray- What is your biggest hope or dream for life?

22. What is one thing you love about each member?

I love how wise Gerard is, I love Frank's happy attitude, I love Mikey's smile and how he can be really quiet but if you talk to him about something he loves he could talk for days, I love how sweet and down-to-earth Ray is.

23.Has MCR changed your life?

Defiantly. Without a doubt. I've listened to them my whole life. I could never imagine my life without them and to be honest their music stops me from doing a lot of bad stuff. They've shaped me and made me who I am and I know they will continue to do this. They are a really big reason for me not giving a damn about what others say about me and for telling me to be myself. They showed me it's okay to like what I like, have the friends I have, dress how I want, love what I love and no one can change that but they have also shown me that's okay to change a little as long as I stay true to who I really am and that I am the only person who can make that decision for me. They have been there in the good times and the bad and have never failed at making me smile. When I feel sad I put on their music, when I feel happy I put on their music, when I'm angry, or inspired, or playful, or anything at all I put on their music. They are a huge part of my life and without them I would be completely different.

24.One thing you would say to the band?

Thank you. You helped me through so much, you have always been there for me, you always made me happy. I love you. I hope the world is amazing to you as you deserve but it could never be so I hope you have true happiness in your life. Thank you for the memories, the laughs, the wise words, for making me smile, for showing me to be who I am and be proud of that and not give a damn about people who try to tell me otherwise and most importantly thank you for the music.

I've been wanting to do this tag for a while so I finally did it. MCR mean the world to me and I love them all so much and I would be a completely different person without their music. I added a few questions and took one out just because I wanted my version of the tag to say a little more.

I tag  DementedBean



Thanks for reading, I love you all. See you next time and remember - STAY BEAUTIFUL, KEEP IT UGLY!

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