~Alyssa's POV~

'What if I embarass myself? What if they made a mistake? What if that card was meant for someone else? Someone who does magic better? Oh my goodness! That's it! They made a mistake. Someone else was supposed to find that card and instead I just had to pick it up and keep it. Damn it I knew it wasn't meant for me! No, Alyssa just breathe. You're as good as everyone else.'

"Ma'am...ma'am.....MA'AM!" Yelled the Starbucks lady behind the register snapping me out of my inner arguement.

"I'm sorry what?"

"I said, here's your drink." She said handing me my cup slowly, "Have a nice day."

"She probably thinks I'm stupid now." I muttered walking out.  We're supposed to meet up at the apartment at 10:00, and it's 9:30 now, meaning Danny is probably JUST getting up. Lazy ass.

"Alyssa!!" I heard from behind me.  As I turned around, I saw a familiar face with a huge smile running up to me.

"Henley? Oh my gosh!! I haven't seen you in forever, how are you!?" I said giving her a huge hug.  Henley used to be Danny's "magic assistant"...well that's what she was to everyone else. To me, she was the best, and my favorite, girlfriend Danny ever had, and his stupid ego made her leave.

"I'm great! How are you? Where are you headed?"

"I'm awesome. I'm actually going to those old apartments a few blocks down." I said pointing awkwardly down the street.

"Wait," She said getting a little closer. "Did you get a card too?" She was almost whispering now.

"Yeah how'd you know?" I said pulling mine out.

"I got mine the other day!" She yelled excitedly pulling out a card that said 'High Priestess' in fancy letters at the bottom.

"High Priestess? Nice" I said showing her mine.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" She jumped while calling a cab.

"You don't just want to walk there?" I asked.

"In these shoes? No way." She said pointing at the 6 inch pumps she was wearing

"Haha alright." I said getting into the cab.

As soon as we pulled up, I saw a familiar curly head walk by and I knew there might be a little bit of awkwardness.

"Well well well. If it isn't the Great Daniel Atlas." Henley said smugly getting out of the cab with me climbing out right after.

"I prefer Incredible, but I'll take Great." He retaliated before turning to me. "Aly. Nice of you to wait for me."

"Sorry Danny, I was too excited and wasn't able to sleep." I said shrugging.

"Shall we go in then?" Henley said walking into the building.

Once we got up there, there was already someone up there. As I looked at what he had in his hand, I saw it was another tarot card that said Hermit on the bottom.

"Oh great. Just when I think I'm the chosen one." He said sarcastically. "Lemme guess, Hannah? No, Henley." He said looking at Henley with his fingers on his temples.

"It's written on her cup." Danny said while going up to the door.

"Whatever." He said looking at Danny before turning back to us. "I'm Merritt McKinney. Mentalist." He said kissing both of our knuckles.

"This is Henley as you already know. I'm Alyssa, and this here is my idiotic Daniel." I said pointing to each of us.

"Brother? With your beauty I would have never guessed." He said quite smoothly.

Before I could reply there came another voice from behind us.

"Oh you guys too?"

As soon as I turned around I saw probably the most gorgeous person I had ever seen.

"They just keep coming don't they?" Merritt said sarcastically from behind me. "What's your card?"

"Death." He replied holding it up with one of the best looking smirks on his face.

"Oh wow, you're....you're Daniel Atlas." He said with amazement written all over his face. "I've seen every show you've done, you're absolutely incredible. I can't even imagine how you think of some of the ideas."

"Oh well I know how you feel." Danny said pointing to me. "The majority of my tricks are her ideas."

I didn't really know what to do except awkwardly smile and say a shy hi. Thanks Danny.

"Oh wow. Then I guess I should be saying I'm a huge fan of your work." He said coming up to me holding out his hand. "I'm Jack. Jack Wilder."

I finally remembered how to speak. "Alyssa Atlas." I said shaking his hand.  I'm pretty sure hand shakes aren't supposed to be this long, but his hand was so warm and soft.  I just couldn't let go.

Danny cleared his throat from behind us which snapped us out of our eye contact.

"If you two are done, I think we should figure out how to get inside." He said.

"But it's locked, how're we going to get in?" Henley said.

"Oh, nothing's ever locked." Jack said walking up to the door and kneeling in front of the lock.

Less than five seconds later he pushed it wide open. "Told ya." He said walking in with us following. Somehow the way he did that just seemed so hot.

"What is this?" Henley said to no one in particular.

"Lights are out." Merritt said.

"What's this?" Danny asked walking over to a piece of paper on the floor next to a rose with a note attached and a pitcher of water.

"Now you don't" Danny read from the note lying by itself.

"Now you see me" Henley read from the note attached to the rose before dropping it in the pitcher.

As soon as she did that, water started flowing out from the bottom and going through a design that was carved into the dusty floor.

"Danny did you do this?" I asked my brother.

"No, but I wish I did." He said looking in awe at the lights that just appeared.

There were four lights, one in each corner that came to the center.

"They're blueprints." Jack commented.

"But of what?" I asked to no one in particular.

This is going to be fun.

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