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Hi everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this book. So the next few chaps will be about Dante. So you can get a glimpse of his character.


Belle was drinking her coffee reading the morning paper before she went to work. She dreaded going to that office. Her boss was always on her case, never satisfied with whatever piece she presented him. Her fellow co-workers were always impressed with her work but no, not Mr Spencer.

Too engrossed in her paper she never noticed the man who came in and sat in front of her. The cafe has suddenly gone quiet as she looked up to see what was going on. In front of her sat a man, no, a god. His short black hair was trimmed to a nice cut. His brown eyes looked at her, as if looking into her soul, seeing all the secrets she hid, his lips curved upwards into a smile that could make any cold hearted person to smile back. His chiseled jaw line coated with a light stubble. He was dressed in a white polo shirt, top buttons undone teasing ones eyes as she caught a glimpse of his well toned chest. Judging by the bulge of his muscular arms she knew he was beyond fit, he could easily put other men to shame.

Belle's POV

"Belle," he said as my breath hitched staring at him. The way he said my name had my heart racing. How did he know my name? Clearly I was attracted to him, I mean half the women in here were.
"How do you know my name?" I asked him quietly.

A cup of coffee was placed in front of him before he could say anything. Looking at her empty cup he lifted his hand ever so slightly to have someone rush forward as he pointed to her cup.
"Forgive me Belle let me introduce myself. My name is Dante Prince," he said in a silky voice as her eyes widened in astonishment. "I want you Belle...," he said pausing as her eyes widened some more, "to do me the honor of introducing me to your boss," he said slowly as she let out a shaky breath.

"Why me? I am sure a man of your stature could just get an assistant to set up a meeting with him."
"No, I want it this way," he said getting up and walking around to stand behind her chair. Pulling it out, he held his hand out waiting for her to take it. By the look in his eyes one could easily tell he was not going to move until she placed her hand in his. Hesitantly reaching out for his hand she stood up reaching for her bag and paper only to have them removed from her hands by one of his man. His hand glided down her back stopping in the middle of her back as he directed her out of the cafe, all eyes on them.

The door to his car was already open and once inside she sighed loving the cool interior. Sitting across from him she turned her gaze to face the man. He was looking at her, not in a creepy manner but the way he was looking at her was as if she was the rarest gem in the world.
"Belle," he said with a smile. "Would you care for refreshments?"
"No thank you," she said turning away from him.
"You don't remember me do you?" He said making me look at him.
"I am sorry but should I?"
"Remember the boy you helped pay for their food five years back" he said seeing recognition materialize on her face.
"Dee," she gasped.

"If not for you I don't know what my family would have eaten at that time. I never got to thank you Belle," he said softly. "Thank you," he said with a twinkle in his eyes.
"You...you are welcome," she said not knowing what else to say.

Reaching her workplace, The Daily News, she led the way into the building feeling rather nervous as the group of men followed behind them. Taking an elevator to the fifth floor which was their floor she stood close to him since they were crammed in the small elevator. Seeing how uncomfortable she was he pulled her in front of him as her back pressed against his chest. She could feel ever contour of his defined abdomen and realized just how big he was praying the elevator would be fast as she stood stiff very uncomfortable with this situation.
"Relax," he whispered into her ear making her close her eyes as his aftershave filled her senses whilst his lips brushed against her ear.
The elevator doors opened and she scrambled out of the elevator free from the suffocating box.

"Where is that good for nothing girl, she is late once again," Belle heard Mr Spenser shouting angrily from his office.
About to run towards his office a hand stopped her. Following the hand she saw Mr Prince looking at the door with a frown.
"Show me around," he said to her.
"But I need to see my boss first," she whispered clearly afraid of losing her job as she looked towards his office.
"Show me around or else," he said turning her head to face him.
"Or else what?" She said.
"Or I will kiss you right here in front of everybody," he said seeing her appalled expression.
"You are joking right. You want me to lose my job just because of your stupid threat?"
"Try me," he said his eyes changed color as he leaned down towards her.
"Okay fine!" She said stepping away from him muttering something under her breath.

Showing him around the floor he remained silent taking everything in. Last but not least they reached Mr Spencer's office. Gently knocking on the door she opened it when told to do so as the man looked angrily at her. His features changed in an instant seeing who was behind her.
"Please escort her to her desk," he told one of his man. The one who took my bag and paper earlier.
Looking back I saw my boss wipe off sweat from his brow as he offered his seat to Mr Prince.


"You have disappointed me Mr Spense," he said rolling up his sleeves showing off his powerful arms.
"Forgive my sir. But may I ask how."
"Did I not inform you to take care of and treat my Belle as though she was gold."
"I...I..," he stuttered as Dante interrupted him speaking.
"I find myself in a superb mood today. She will be treated like?"
"Gold," the man blurted out.
"More precious that a.."
"Diamond," Spense said.
"Better than a?"
"Queen," he blurted out as beads of sweat slowly formed.
"And don't you forget that last word, or else," he growled standing up and leaving the office.


"Ma'am where should I place these?" The man said.
"Just give them to me," she said reaching for her bags. "What is your name?"
"Dillon ma'am."
"Thank you very much Dillon she said with a smile."
How would she tell this man to leave her and go back to his boss she wondered as he stood close by as she took a seat at her desk. Her workmates looked at her perplexed by the bodyguard beside her. Everyone here always stuck to their work looking for the next big story that would earn them a promotion, hence she only had a few friends here. Typing away on her computer she never noticed when Dante stood beside her.

"It was a pleasure meeting you again Belle," he said in a voice that could melt ice on any day.
"Umm same her Mr Prince," she said with a smile as he frowned at her use of his last name. Looking at him she noticed his rolled up shirt sleeves whichever revealed his caramel colored arms.
Without another word he turned and left her.
Very strange man, she thought to herself.

So should I continue????

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