XIII- Answers

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Indianna's eyes opened and she winced at the bright light above her. She groaned and rubbed her eyes, jumping when there was a sudden cough.
"Rise and shine, sugar." Indianna looked at Greyson and bolted upright in the bed, but he was in front of her immediately. "Stay calm and don't try to run off," he warned. *I know what you're going to do before you do.*
"Let go of my wrist," Indianna said, looking at Greyson's hand. He did as she said and she took a long breath. "Let me leave."
"How do you feel?"
"Let me go home."
"Answer the question."
"Like shit, can I go now?"
"Sugar, Doc says you can still have a fit at any random time, you had four while you were sleeping, if you feel one coming then you need to tell me."
"Let me go home, Greyson!"
"Then give me answers."
"I can't right now, not until the others get here."
"You need to stay calm, Indie. You are still at the beginning of the process and the pain and fits can start again if your heartbeat rises."
"What the fuck is the process you are talking about?"
"I can't tell you that until the others get here."
"Why was I in pain?"
"Can't say yet."
"You're useless!" Indianna groaned and stretched her neck. "Jesus, it kills."
"That would be the needle."
"Oh shit!" She gasped. "You injected me!"
"Yes." Indianna squeezed her eyes shut and covered her face with her hands.
"I can't think about that," she muttered and shook her head.
"Sugar," Greyson said, placing his hand on her knee. "Look at me."
"I'm going to give you answers soon and you have to promise me not to freak out."
"I can't promise that."
Greyson gritted his teeth and shook his head. "Just don't try to run, you won't get anywhere."
"Am I a prisoner here, Greyson?" Indianna asked quietly.
"You sure?" Indianna arched an eyebrow. "It's feeling a like I'm trapped in this goddamn room."
"It will all make sense once everything is explained."
The door to the infirmary opened and Kirstie walked in followed by Ace, Kal, Harry and Brooke. Greyson couldn't help but smirk when Indianna tensed. He loved how she was comfortable around him but no one else. It was just him.
"Hi, Indianna," Brooke said softly. "How are you?"
Indianna shrugged her shoulders and looked at her nails, not liking everyone's eyes on her.
"Hiya, Indianna," Kirstie said and smiled brightly. "I'm Greyson's older sister, Kirstie."
"Hi," Indianna mumbled and Kirstie arched an eyebrow.
"She is a quiet little thing now isn't she?" She chuckled.
"Sugar, we're going to give you answers now," Greyson said and Indianna nodded. "Indie, you know we have a connection. That connection is impossible between humans."
"Humans?" She asked quietly. "If you're not humans then what are you?"
"We," Greyson said, "are..."
"Werewolves," Kirstie announced, ignoring the glare she received from Greyson. "We are werewolf shifters."
"Shut the fuck up, Kirstie," Greyson snapped and looked at Indianna's blank expression.
"That book earlier..."
"Wasn't fiction." He waited for Indianna'a reaction but she remained still, not saying anything. He could hear her heart beating and it was slowly getting faster. He looked into her eyes that were slowly filling with fear. "Shit, sugar, please stay calm."
"Get a-away from me, G-Greyson!"
Indianna muttered and flinched when he reached her. "Don't touch me!"
"Indianna," Brooke called. "It's nothing to be scared of."
"The wolf that k-killed my parents!" Indianna said shakily. "Was that a..." Greyson nodded and Indianna squeezed her eyes shut. "And last night, it was the same wolf, wasn't it?"
Greyson gritted his teeth; he so desperately wanted to lie. "Yes."
"Oh God," she gasped. "Oh my God."
"Shut up!" She panicked. "Just shut up!"
"You wanted answers-"
"Be quiet!" She whimpered and covered her ears with her hands.
"Indie," Greyson said in the softest tone that Indianna had ever heard come out of his mouth. He gently grabbed her wrists and lowered her hands, but she freaked out and tried to push him away.
"Get off me!" She squealed, but his grip remained firm. "G-Greyson!"
"Listen to me, sugar," he said sternly. "You don't need to be scared of us."
"Oh that's great!" She said sarcastically and pulled against his hold. "Doesn't mean I'm not!"
"I need you to calm down," he said, but not even the sparks made Indianna feel better.
"Get off me!" She whimpered and kicked her feet out, hitting Greyson in the stomach. He wasn't expecting the sudden blow and his grip on Indianna loosened enough so she could yank her arms free and jump off the bed.
"Indianna!" Brooke called but Kirstie was already in front of Indianna, grabbing her arms and pinning them behind her back.
"You need to relax," Kirstie said into Indianna's ear and tightened her hold. "Chill out."
"Let go of me!"
"I will once I'm positive that you aren't going to head straight for the door."
"Don't come near me, Greyson!" Indianna said hurriedly, tensing when Greyson stopped in front of her.
"We aren't going to hurt you."
"You're monsters!" She whimpered.
"You know that's not true," he whispered, cupping Indianna's cheek. The sparks felt good, but she tried to ignore them. *I know your desires deep down.*
"Get out of my head!" She snapped. "Get out!"
*I know what your heart wants.*
"Please!" She begged.
*Sugar, you like the way I make you feel.* Greyson ran his fingers up Indianna's arm and she gulped. *I know what you want.*
"You don't," she whispered.
"I do," he smirked and tilted her chin up so she was looking at me. Kirstie slowly let go of Indianna and stepped back as Greyson leaned down. "The connection we have, we can talk in our minds because we are destined for each other. Soulmates," he whispered and crashed his lips to Indianna's.
She didn't pull away.
She kissed him back.

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