Thranduil ~ Book 2

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I had known better.

Sure enough, Thranduil had started reading the second one.

And I was furious.

He looked at me with innocent eyes as I returned, glaring at him with folded arms.

"Well, your writing is very good." He said, placing the book down carefully and I vaguely noticed the table was clean.

"That's not the point Thranduil." I said angrily. "I told you not to."

I marched forward and snatched the book away, even though he looked completely unfazed.

"It was only the first few pages." He shrugs. "You did leave it very open."

I huffed. "Honestly, I haven't even told anyone else what the book is about and I suddenly let you read it and you think that you just...just-"

"Please accept my sincerest apologies then," He stands and bows low. "I did not mean to upset you."

I hugged the book tightly to me, still less than impressed. "Fine, but if you could leave me be so I can get on with my writing, that would be appreciated."

Thranduil tilts his head slightly. "I have upset you. That was not my intention."

I pursed my lips. "Please King Thranduil, I need to get on with my writing. I am already very behind."

He seemed to realise that I was too upset to keep talking to him, and so he once again bows and leaves.

I slowly set the book back down on the table, staring at it.

It almost felt ruined.

Shaking my head, I sat and opened it, taking a quill and getting back to my writing.

At first I found it hard, the first few days I barely got any pages done. I didn't know whether it was because I had the knowledge that someone had looked at it, but it was very frustrating.

Eventually, I kicked myself and got back into it.

Once the flow started again, it was once again, hard to stop, and I fell back into my routine of falling asleep at the table surrounded by books.

It was on one of these that I awoke to a package on front of me. I stared at it for a long moment, wondering where it had come from, not even noticing the coat around my shoulders until I moved.

The coat I recognised.

There was only one elf in the kingdom that had something that finely made, that glimmered in any light.


I blinked from the coat back to the package. I pulled the strings tying it together and unwrapped the paper. It revealed an ornate box, beautifully carved with patterns from the forest.

I pulled it towards me for a closer look and heard the unmistakable sound of glass moving inside.

I opened it and gasped a little, many vials of ink were inside, each in individually made glass pieces of varying designs, all of equal beauty.

"I had hoped," his voice came from behind me and I jumped and spun around. "To offer it as a peace gift. I know i made you quite upset."

Heat crept into my cheeks as I turned back to the box full of ink. "It is beautiful. Thank you."

His hand rested on my shoulders, pulling his coat around me tighter. "It is no problem, however i would ask that you start to take better care of yourself, it is growing cold in here."

I hear him move away, leaving his coat firmly on my shoulders.

"Keep it as long as you wish, just...try not to spill ink onto it."

I wanted to say something as he left but words escaped me. My fingers ran nervously along the edge of his coat, it certainly was warm, but it was also the King's. Biting my lip I settled back into the chair trying to decide whether or not, between the coat and the box of ink, it meant anything, it was such an unusually kind gesture from the king.

He was right though, the cold was starting to settle over the Woodland Realm and I soon found myself claiming a desk near the fire, meaning that it was warm enough I did not need Thranduil's coat, which was settled neatly over the back of my chair.

It was almost mid winter when I finished the second book.

I placed the pen down with a sigh of relief, glad that i had completed it. I knew there was still another to go, I could feel it, but for now I was relieved that this one was done.

I rested back and soon found myself dozing, I had done pretty much the same thing after finishing the first one, allowing my mind and body to rest properly for a little while.

A horrible nightmare plagued me, one of being too close to the fire and my book suddenly catching alight.

I struggled awake, paic oversetting anything else as I struggled to save my burning book.

But two arms were around me and calming words in elvish were being spoken in my ear as I started, gasping for breath as the library, calm and settled as always, swam into focus, my book, untouched, in front of me.

I relaxed, still breathing hard.

"That mustn't have been a very pleasant dream."

I recognised the King's voice and looked up, his hands on my arms from behind me.

"Are you alright?" He asked, his voice still in a soothing, calm tone.

I nod slowly.

His gaze wanders to the closed book. "I see you finished, I trust that is why you allowed yourself to sleep properly for once?"

Again, I nod, wondering why he always seemed to appear to see me lately.

He smiles warmly, seeming to read my mind. "Well, I was going to see if I could drag you away for a few hours, come and join me for dinner, after all, I do not see you eat much."

I was pretty sure my entire face went red. "Really?"

He nods solemnly. "I may now your heart and soul from reading your work, but I would still like to know you."

Now I knew I was red. "I would be honoured my King."

Thranduil once again looks at the book. "Are you going to write another?"

"Yes. I feel...a third would complete it." I said slowly, looking at the closed book, and then smile back at him. "You may read it now if you wish."

He raises an eyebrow. "And turn down dinner with you? I shall wait."

Without another word, he takes my hand and pulls me to my feet, leading me, for the first time in a while, well away from my book.

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