Chapter 10

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(Gemini POV)

I Wasn't Getting Soft Or Anything If Your Wondering. I Just Didn't Want Tay Talking To Latonia. She's A Bad Influence And Tay Is A Good Girl. I Dont Care Or Anything.

"Why Are You Laying On My Side All Sweaty And Stuff?" Tay Asked Me.

"Cause I Want To" I Told Her.

"Well Want To Not Cause You Gone Make My Side Smell Like Sweat" She Said By The Way I Have A Side Now Cause She Was Nice Enough To Let Me Sleep On The Bed. The Couch Was Not Comfortable.

"I Like My Position" I Said Then She Began Trying To Push Me Over.

"Well I Dont..." She Said.

"Plus Sweat Has No Smell" I Said.

"Go..." She Said Trying To Roll Me Over. "Over To Your Side" She Said Finally Pushing Me Where I Ended On My Stomach. "Sweaty Ass" She Said Looking At Her Hands Hesitating To Wipe It On My Bare Skin Cause I Had No Shirt On.

"Gone Head Wipe Your Hands On My Sexy Body" I Cockily Said Rolling On My Back. "You Know You Want To" I Said Giving Her A Wink.

"Never Would I Ever" She Said Wiping Her Hands On My Gym Shorts.

"Mhmmm" I Said. "You One Did" I Added.

"And When Was This?" She Asked Me.

"The Day We Was Playing Football" I Said. She Had Her Hands All On Me.

"Why You Selling Lies" She Said. "I Did No Such Thing" She Added.

I Turned On My Side And For Some Reason I Caught Myself Staring Up At Her. I Admired Her Face. Tay Was A Beautiful Work Of Art She Had Pretty Brown Skin, Light Dimples That Deepened When She Smile, She Had Pretty Light Brown Eyes, And A Pretty Smile. But She Wasn't My Type.

"Why Are You Staring At Me?" She Asked As She Turned To Look At Me.

"Nothing... Just Wondering" I Said.

"About What?" Tay Asked.

I Honestly Didn't Have A Answer.

"Stuff..." I Said Still Staring At Her.

I Never Noticed These Things About Tay.

"Mmmm" She Said.

"Tay" I Heard Dayna Call From The Other Side Of The Door.

"Yes Dayna" I Responded.

"I Like How You Answering For Your Girl But I Said Tay Not Gem..." She Said.

I Got Up And Headed Towards The Door. I Opened It And Let Dayna In...

"Thank You" She Said.

"I'll Leave Y'all" I Said.

I Grabbed My Towel And Headed For The Shower.


Knock Knock Knock

"What?" I Yelled.

"Its Me" Tay Said From Behind The Door.

"You Can't Shower With Me Tay" I Said.

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